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  • City of Carlton (City of Carlton, 2015-11-24)
  • Carlton (Or.) (City of Carlton, 2015-11-24)
  • Carlton (Or.) (City of Carlton, 2015-11-24)
  • Carlton (Or.) (Carlton, 2008-01-29)
    The proposed amendment would added text and a map to Carlton Development Code Section 2.203 (3 its tree t Parking and Loading, which exempts properties within the downtown core, as shown on the attached map, from meeting ...
  • Carlton (Or.) (Carlton, 2012-01-13)
    Allows vacation rentals in duplexes upon conditional use permit approval, allows single family vacation rentals as permitted uses in the MX zone.
  • Carlton (Or.) (Carlton, 2012-09-24)
    The adopted amendment included changing the Comprehensive Plan Map designation from "Residential" to "Public Facility" and changing the zoning from R-l (Residential Low Density) to PF (Public Facility) on property referenced ...
  • Carlton (Or.) (Carlton, 2012-01-13)
    Housekeeping and residential infill code amendments prepared with funding assistance through the TGM Code Assistance Program. Proposed amendments include: renaming the existing residential zones to Low (R-l), and Medium ...
  • Carlton (Or.) (Carlton, 2010-02-16)
  • Carlton (Or.) (Carlton, 2010-11-26)
    Amendments to the Carlton Sign Code to clarify and streamline temporary and nonconforming sign provisions.
  • Carlton (Or.) (Carlton, 2009-07-22)
    The City of Carlton adopted an updated Transportation System Plan and related amendments to the Carlton Development Code and Comprehensive Plan.
  • Carlton (Or.) (Carlton, 2009-07-22)
    Amend the Carlton Development Code to clarify the number, size and placement of sidewalk signs; adopt standards for vacation rental dwellings; exempt properties within the Downtown from landscaping requirements; and ...
  • Carlton (Or.) (Carlton, 2007-03-19)
    The proposed amendment to the Carlton Development Code allows restoration or replacement for any residential nonconforming use that is destroyed by fire or other casualty.
  • Carlton (Or.) (Carlton, 2007-03-02)
    This amendment would eliminate boarding or rooming houses as a permitted use in the Multi-Family Residential Zone and would modify standards tor number and placement of sandwich board signs.
  • Carlton (Or.) (Carlton, 2007-02-01)
    The request would amend the Comprehensive Plan Map designation from Residential to Commercial and change the zoning from Suburban Residential (SR) to Commercial (C) for a 1.36-acre property.
  • Carlton (Or.) (Carlton, 2007-07-31)
    This amendment added the following revised sections to the Carlton Comprehensive Plan: Population. Housing. Land Use and Economics. The amendment also amended the Comprehensive Plan Map designations and rezoned several ...
  • Carlton (Or.) (Carlton, 2006-11-24)
  • Carlton (Or.) (Carlton, 2006-05-15)
    This amendment would revise the City's Sign Code and amend requirements for street frontage improvements required with development.
  • Carlton (Or.). Dept. of Planning; Carlton (Or.) (City of Carlton (Or.), 1978-12-14)
    These goals and policies represent the basis of the City of Carlton's Comprehensive Land Use Plan. They provide the direction which the governing bodies of the community will follow in directing future growth within ...
  • Yamhill County (Or.); Carlton (Or.) (City of Carlton (Or.), 1979-05)
    The material in this Planning Atlas is a synthesis of the information gathered and discussed during the development of the Carlton Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The goals and policies derived from this material are found ...
  • Carlton (Or.) (City of Carlton (Or.), 1999-12)
    This transportation system plan (TSP) addresses the anticipated transportation needs for the year 2018. The TSP is being prepared to address federal and state regulations that require urban areas to do longrange planning. ...

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