Lake County : Transportation system plan

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Title: Lake County : Transportation system plan
Author: Lake County (Or.); David Evans and Associates
Abstract: The Lake County TSP was developed through a series of technical analyses combined with systematic input and review by the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), a local stakeholder group, ODOT, and the public. The TAC consisted of staff, elected and appointed officials, residents, and business people from the county. Key elements of the process include: involving the Lake County community (Chapter 1; Appendix I); defining goals and objectives (Chapter 2); reviewing existing plans and transportation conditions (Chapters 3 and 4; Appendices A, B, C, and D); developing population, employment, and travel forecasts (Chapter 5; Appendix E and F); developing and evaluating potential transportation system improvements (Chapter 6; Appendix G); developing the Transportation System Plan (Chapter 7; Appendix H); developing a Financing Plan (Chapter 8); and developing policies and ordinances (Chapter 9). [From the Plan]
Description: 316 pp. Includes maps and figures. Published December 2002. Received from ODOT on January 2, 2007.
Date: 2002-12

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