Recent Submissions

  • Wheeler County Notice of Adopted Amendment (2008-12-22) 

    Wheeler County (Or.) (Wheeler County, 2008-12-22)
    Amend the EFU Zone to General Commercial, C-l Zone with a Limited Use Combining Zone Overlay
  • Wheeler County Notice of Adopted Amendment (2008-12-08) 

    Wheeler County (Or.) (Wheeler County, 2008-12-08)
    Adds Sections 5.11 and 5.12 to the Wheeler County Ordinance regulating the siting of Wind Power Generation Facilities.
  • Wheeler County Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-12-11) 

    Wheeler County (Or.) (Wheeler County, 2006-12-11)
    Landowner requested a zone change from EFU to RR-10. Wheeler County Court approved the request for the zone change at a Special Meeting held on December 4, 2006. Additional Findings provided by the applicant was reviewed ...
  • Wheeler County : Natural hazard mitigation plan 

    VISION Consulting and Grant Writing; Wheeler County (Or.) (Wheeler County (Or.), 2007-12)
    This natural hazard mitigation plan is intended to assist Wheeler County and participating cities reduce the risk from natural hazards by identifying resources, information, and strategies for risk reduction. It will ...
  • Wheeler County : Community wildfire protection plan 

    Wheeler County (Or.) (Wheeler County (Or.), 2006)
    Goals: protect against potential losses to life, property and natural resources from wildland fire; build and maintain active participation from each Fire Protection District; set realistic expectations for reducing ...
  • Wheeler County : Transportation system plan 

    Wheeler County (Or.); David Evans and Associates (Wheeler County (Or.), 2001-06)
    The Wheeler County Transportation System Plan (TSP) guides the management of existing transportation facilities and the design and implementation of future facilities for the next 20 years. This TSP constitutes the ...
  • Wheeler County : Comprehensive plan 

    Wheeler County (Or.) (Wheeler County (Or.), 2003-06-18)
    The comprehensive plan is Wheeler County's official document, with the public's participation and input, about the development and conservation of the unincorporated portions of Wheeler County. The plan is adopted by the ...