Moro, Oregon Planning Documents


Recent Submissions

  • Moro (Or.) (City of Moro, 2015-11-13)
  • Moro (Or.) (City of Moro, 2014-03-10)
  • Moro (Or.) (Moro, 2007-07-02)
    This is the final adoped product of a TA Grant from the Department to update the City's Comprehensive Plan, the project is listed as TA-R-07-029. This is a general update of the Plan inventories and policies. The Comprehensive ...
  • Moro (Or.) (Moro, 2006-09-05)
    Redesignated approximately 15 acres of land in the City from Agricultural to Industrial to allow placement of organic farm products distributor
  • Moro (Or.); Mid-Columbia Economic Development District; Sherman County Planning Commission (City of Moro (Or.), 2003-06)
    This comprehensive plan was developed for the City of Moro to serve as the guiding document for all future land use decisions. It is designed to do several things: to insure the future livability, so that Moro is at least ...
  • Sherman County (Or.); Sherman County (Or.). Planning and Economic Development Dept. (Sherman County (Or.), 2003-05)
    The Sherman County Transportation System Plan (TSP) guides the management of existing transportation facilities and the design and implementation of future facilities for the next 20 years. This TSP constitutes the ...