Accessing GIS Data for Oregon through the Internet

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Title: Accessing GIS Data for Oregon through the Internet
Author: Nicholson, Andrew; Sproles, Eric
Abstract: Finding accurate and useful data is one of the biggest challenges in working with GIS. Although free GIS data is available over the internet, few web sites provide an easy-to-use, navigable interface, which allows the user to find what they want. The University of Oregon Libraries sought to remedy this problem when it wanted to provide access to its own collection of geospatial datasets. By incorporating technologies, such as Flash, SQL, and the php web environment, the University of Oregon Libraries has produced a set of attractive, easy to use web indexes for use by students and the Oregon public. While the indexes provide downloadable links and information for datasets, the Libraries plan on utilizing these indexes as a foundation for providing access to aerial photos, maps and other GIS data.
Description: The University of Oregon Libraries has hundreds of GIS datasets produced by government agencies, including DRGs, DOQs, and DEMs , which were in great demand by students. Nevertheless, getting the data to the students required many hours of staff time burning compact discs and/or directing students to different web sites. The UO Libraries needed an easy-to use but attractive web index so students with even the most rudimentary knowledge of local geography could download data. This poster describes the process in making such access possible.
Date: 2003-06-19

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