Recent Submissions

  • Heppner Notice of Adopted Amendment (2015-04-10) 

    City of Heppner (City of Heppner, 2015-04-10)
  • Heppner Notice of Adopted Amendment (2007-10-12) 

    Heppner (Heppner, 2007-10-12)
    Title 13-Flood Control-new Flood Insurance Study and new Flood Insurance Map produced by FEMA adopted by the City. Updated standards for crawl spaces and critical facilities were also included.
  • Heppner : The Heppner community strategic plan 

    Heppner (Or.); Heppner Coordinating Council (City of Heppner (Or.), 1999-06)
    A decade ago [prior to 1999], the Heppner Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) was founded to guide job maintenance and expansion in the community. In September of 1990, a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and ...
  • Heppner : Transportation system plan 

    Heppner (Or.); CTS Engineers; Mitchell Nelson Group; Kittelson & Associates (City of Heppner (Or.), 2003-06)
    This study was prepared as part of a Transportation Growth Management Grant and is formatted to provide the necessary elements for the City of Heppner to assemble its Comprehensive Plan. In addition, this document provides ...