Myrtle Point : Bicycle and pedestrian plan

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Title: Myrtle Point : Bicycle and pedestrian plan
Author: Myrtle Point (Or.); David Evans and Associates
Abstract: The City's Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan coordinates with state and federal plans. It describes a system that can be implemented over 20 years. The Plan is guided by the Myrtle Point Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee. The City's existing plans establish the need and desire for improved pedestrian and bicycle systems. However, City ordinances do not address pedestrian and bicycle needs adequately. The goals of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan are to include these transportation modes in overall planning, provide comprehensive walkway and bikeway systems, promote them, and develop systems consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act. [From the Plan]
Description: 217 pp. Includes maps and figures. Published May 1995. Received from ODOT January 2, 2007.
Date: 1995-05

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