Recent Submissions

  • Mt. Angel Notice of Adopted Amendment (2013-03-12) 

    Mt. Angel (Or.) (City of Mt. Angel, 2013-03-12)
  • Mt Angel Notice of Adopted Amendment (2008-02-07) 

    Mt Angel (Mt Angel, 2008-02-07)
  • Mt Angel Notice of Adopted Amendment (2011-06-23) 

    Mt Angel (Mt Angel, 2011-06-23)
    A text amendment to incorporate the Mt. Angel Parks System Master Plan as an element of the Mt Angel Comprehensive Plan. Tl -s w 11 replace a 1987 Parks Inventory.
  • Mt Angel Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-11-13) 

    Mt Angel (Mt Angel, 2006-11-13)
    This request would change the zoning from Residential-Commercial (RC) to Commercial General (CG) for the northernmost 40 feet of a 2.18-acre parcel. The remainder of the parcel is currendv zoned Commercial General..
  • Mt. Angel Parks System master plan 

    University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; Fukahori, Sayaka; Neff, Ray; Tomlinson, Titus; Zanetto, Laura; Kraemer, Nick; Scotten, Heather; Johnson, Bethany (City of Mt. Angel (Or.), 2009-05)
  • Mt. Angel : Comprehensive plan (1977) 

    Graafstra, Ron J.; Mount Angel (Or.) (City of Mount Angel (Or.), 1977-09-12)
    This document should be considered an official statement of the City of Mt. Angel. The Comprehensive Plan sets forth goals, objectives and policies and makes recommendations to guide the future physical development of ...
  • Mount Angel : Downtown plan 

    Mount Angel (Or.); David Evans and Associates; Seder Architects (City of Mount Angel (Or.), 2001-06)
    Mt. Angel wants to enhance and promote its downtown. The challenge has been to keep the downtown friendly and local while making it more attractive to visitors. The City recognized the need to coordinate and expand previously ...
  • Mount Angel : Transportation system plan 

    Mount Angel (Or.); Mid Willamette Valley Council of Governments (City of Mount Angel (Or.), 2003-06-23)
    The Mount Angel Transportation System Plan is a 20-year document addressing multimodal transportation systems: automobile, bicycling, pedestrian, public transportation, etc. The primary goal of the Transportation Plan is ...