Fossil, Oregon Planning Documents


Recent Submissions

  • Fossil (Fossil, 2011-12-09)
    To accommodate a Property Line Adjustment, the City redesignated two parcels of .22 ac and .65 acre from Farm to Industrial and from Industrial to Farm, respectively.
  • Fossil (Fossil, 2009-06-23)
    Map amendment for Residential to Commercial to accommodate existing use.
  • Fossil (Fossil, 2006-06-22)
    Redesignate one block on Main Street from Residential to Commercial,
  • Fossil (Or.); East Central Oregon Association of Counties (City of Fossil (Or.), 1980-08-09)
    This document has been developed to address the future needs of the City of Fossil, Oregon and to meet the requirements of the Statewide Planning Goals as adopted by the Oregon Land Conservation and Development Commission ...