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  • Marion County (Or.); JR Miller & Associates; Gershman, Brickner & Bratton (Marion County (Or.), 2009-04)
    The 2009 Solid Waste Management Plan Update (SWMP) provides a complete review of the Marion County solid waste management system. It considers the current infrastructure and determines what improvements and investments ...
  • Economic and Engineering Services, Inc.; Polk County (Or.) (Polk County (Or.), 2004-06)
    The objectives of this work are to examine the Count's need for water and identify a safe and reliable long-term source of water for the study participants. This work is intended to conduct a "fatal flaws" analysis of ...
  • HDR/EES; Polk County (Or.) (Polk County (Or.), 2005-01)
    The objective of this report is to provide an analysis of future water supply strategies for the citizens of Polk County. Elements of this objective include the following: identify the county's future needs for ...
  • Washington County (Or.); Otak, Inc. (Washington County (Or.), 2007-10-05)
    The purpose of the infrastructure plan is to: describe the stormwater management strategy for North Bethany; show how the strategy would be applied to the concept plan; provide a cost estimate for the stormwater ...
  • Washington County (Or.); Washington County (Or.). Dept. of Land Use and Transportation. Planning Division (Washington County (Or.), 1991-01)
    A public facility plan, as defined in OAR 660-11-0005 (1), is "a support document or documents to a comprehensive plan. The facility plan describes the water, sewer and transportation facilities which are to support the ...

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