Recent Submissions

  • Lakeview Notice of Adopted Amendment (2014-04-29) 

    City of Lakeview (City of Lakeview, 2014-04-29)
  • Lakeview Notice of Adopted Amendment (2006-03-21) 

    Lakeview (Lakeview, 2006-03-21)
    Creates a new Land Use District - Industrial Commercial Subdistrict - to the Town's Development Code.
  • Lakeview : Comprehensive plan 

    Lakeview (Or.); Lynn D. Steiger & Associates; A.R. Dick Brown Planning Consultant (City of Lakeview (Or.), 1988-11)
    This Comprehensive Plan, referred to hereinafter as the Plan, is a public document prepared by the governing body assisted by advisory committees, Planning Commission members and community residents. It provides long-range ...