Patrons of Roman Cities--database

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Title: Patrons of Roman Cities--database
Author: Nicols, John
Abstract: This is a collection of epigraphically attested civic patrons known from the late Roman Republic through the mid-3rd Century AD.
Description: Patrons of communities in the Roman Empire. The database is presented in two formats, Microsoft Excel and Adobe Acrobat. The data has been preserved in a visually compressed format. To view the data, formats will need to be zoomed in to at least 800%. Only the Excel document is available to be printed. The Excel file can be saved locally and manipulated; it cannot be uploaded. Please send any corrections to the author ( The Acrobat file will serve as a standard reference document; it cannot be altered. We anticipate that we will be incorporating new data and corrections on a regular (at least annual) basis. 1.5p compressed PDF/excel
Date: 2007-08-20

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