Estacada : Downtown urban renewal plan

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Title: Estacada : Downtown urban renewal plan
Author: Cascade Economic Planning; SERA Architects; Estacada (Or.); Tashman Johnson LLC
Abstract: The Estacada Downtown Urban Renewal Plan (the â Planâ ) contains goals, objectives and projects for the revitalization of the Estacada Downtown Urban Renewal Area.... The purpose of the Plan is to use the tools provided by urban renewal to promote private investment and facilitate the Areaâ s redevelopment in a manner that is consistent with the Cityâ s long term planning and development objectives.... The Report is not a legal part of the Plan but is intended to provide public information that will guide the City Council as part of its approval of the Plan. [From the Plan and Report]
Description: Item contains two files: 1) Downtown Urban Renewal Plan. 27 pp. Includes maps; 2) Downtown Urban Renewal Plan Report. 27 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Published January 11, 2007. Captured February 7, 2007.
Date: 2007-01-11

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Estacada_Urban_Renewal_Plan.pdf 662.9Kb PDF View/Open Estacada Downtown Urban Renewal Plan

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