Wilsonville :West Side urban renewal plan

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Title: Wilsonville :West Side urban renewal plan
Author: Wilsonville (Or.)
Abstract: The Wilsonville West Side Urban Renewal Plan (the "Plan") is intended to promote development within the 395-acre Wilsonville West Side Urban Renewal Area (the "Area"). The Area is located within the Wilsonville Urban Growth Boundary (see Figure 1) and contains land inside and outside of the current city limits. The City intends to annex the parts of the Area currently outside city limits prior to development, and urban zoning will not be applied to these areas until annexation occurs. The Area includes the site of the former Dammasch State Hospital which, along with adjoining property, will be redeveloped as a primarily residential mixed-use "urban village." The Area also includes land south of Wilsonville Road and immediately west of the Burlington Northern Railroad tracks and Wilsonvilleâ s Old Town. This area is to be developed for residential and industrial uses. [From the Plan]
Description: Item contains three files: 1) Westside Urban Renewal Plan. 23 pp.; 2) Westside Urban Renewal Plan Report. 28 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO.; 3) Westside Urban Renewal Plan Glossary. 3 pp. Referenced maps not included. Adopted November 3, 2003. Captured February 6, 2007.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/5301
Date: 2003-11-03

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Wilsonville_Westside_Urban_Renewal_Plan_Report.pdf 435.5Kb PDF View/Open Wilsonville Westside Urban Renewal Plan Report
Wilsonville_Westside_Urban_Renewal_Plan.pdf 330.6Kb PDF View/Open Wilsonville Westside Urban Renewal Plan

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