Monmouth : Urban renewal plan

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Title: Monmouth : Urban renewal plan
Author: Monmouth (Or.)
Abstract: The Report on the Plan for the Monmouth Urban The City of Monmouth Urban Renewal Plan contains goals, objectives, and projects for the revitalization of the Monmouth Urban Renewal District. The Monmouth Urban Renewal District (map attached to this Plan) is composed of part of the Downtown Main Street District and some adjacent residential area, a portion of the Commercial Highway District, adjacent Industrial Districts, and the properties adjacent to Highway 51 from Highway 99 east to the â Sâ Curves at the eastern City Limits. All parts of the Urban Renewal District are adjacent to one another creating a single, uninterrupted District. The purpose of the Plan is to use the tools provided by Urban Renewal to overcome obstacles to development of the District.... Renewal Area provides technical information to support the Plan and to assist the Renewal Agency and the City Council in their deliberations on the Monmouth Urban Renewal Plan. [From the Plan and Report]
Description: 50 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Includes map. Published December 6, 2005. Captured March 1, 2006.
Date: 2005-12-06

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