Natural resource plans (county)


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Documents in this category include plans, studies, or inventories of natural resources within a county's planning jurisdiction. Some documents were required by Goal 5 of Oregon's Statewide Planning Goals. Others respond to requirements of the federal Endangered Species Act. Documents that fit the general description of the category may be included, even if they are not required by these two authorities. Documents governing the use of forest or agricultural lands will be included.

Recent Submissions

  • Umatilla County (Or.) (Umatilla County (Or.), July 9, 2008)
  • Gritski, Robert; Harney County (Or.); Gerhardt, Rick; Luginbuhl, John; Northwest Wildlife Consultants; Kronner, Karen (Harney County (Or.), September 24, 2008)
  • Clackamas County (Or.) (Clackamas County (Or.), November 13, 2008)
  • West Ridge Wind, LLC; Luginbuhl, John; Northwest Wildlife Consultants; Gerhardt, Rick; Gritski, Robert; Harney County (Or.) (Harney County (Or.), November 26, 2008)
  • Clatsop County (Or.) (Clatsop County (Or.), January 17, 2003)
  • Benton County (Or.). Natural Areas & Parks Dept.; Reed, David; David Reed & Associates; Frenkel, Robert; Benton County (Or.) (Benton County (Or.), April 5, 2005)
  • ITS Management, Inc.; Benton County (Or.); Benton County (Or.). Parks Dept.; Miller, Mark; Ferguson, Scott (Benton County (Or.), June 2, 2000)
  • Benton County (Or.). Parks Dept.; Stewart, John; Oregon. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife; Institute for Applied Ecology; Trask, Steve; Kaye, Thomas; Schrieber, Barry; Benton County (Or.); Ferguson, Scott; Miller, Mark; ITS Management, Inc.; Galovich, Gary (Benton County (Or.), July 11, 2001)
  • North Plains (Or.); Cornelius (Or.); Tualatin (Or.); Tualatin Basin Partners for Natural Places; Metro (Or.); Washington County (Or.); Tigard (Or.); Sherwood (Or.); Forest Grove (Or.); Hillsboro (Or.); Angelo Eaton & Associates; Noren, David C.; Beaverton (Or.); Durham (Or.); Clean Water Services (Washington County, Or.) (Washington County (Or.), March , 2005)
  • Linn County (Or.); Satre Associates (Linn County (Or.), June , 2003)
  • Multnomah County (Or.); Parametrix, Inc.; Multnomah County (Or.). Transportation Division; Multnomah County (Or.). Land Use Planning Division; Angelo Eaton & Associates; Fishman Environmental Services (Multnomah County (Or.), November 12, 2002)
  • Multnomah County (Or.) (Multnomah County (Or.), November 13, 2007)
  • Benton County (Or.); Benton County (Or.). Natural Areas & Parks Dept. (Benton County (Or.), April 12, 2000)
  • Multnomah County (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Multnomah County (Or.). Dept. of Environmental Services; Multnomah County (Or.). Division of Planning and Development (Multnomah County (Or.), October 11, 2001)
  • Tillamook County (Or.) (Tillamook County (Or.), March 25, 2000)
  • Wallowa County (Or.); Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho (Wallowa County (Or.), September , 1999)