Documents in this category include plans, studies, or inventories of natural resources within a county's planning jurisdiction. Some documents were required by Goal 5 of Oregon's Statewide Planning Goals. Others respond to requirements of the federal Endangered Species Act. Documents that fit the general description of the category may be included, even if they are not required by these two authorities. Documents governing the use of forest or agricultural lands will be included.

Recent Submissions

  • Umatilla County : Planning commission check-off sheet for wind power facilities 

    Umatilla County (Or.) (Umatilla County (Or.), 2008-07-09)
    Identify potential impacts, if any, to accepted farm or forest practices on surrounding resource land. Include the nature and extent of the impact of the facility on the cost of such practices [etc.] [From the document]
  • Harney County : Biological study plan, East Ridge wind energy project 

    Gritski, Robert; Harney County (Or.); Gerhardt, Rick; Luginbuhl, John; Northwest Wildlife Consultants; Kronner, Karen (Harney County (Or.), 2008-09-24)
    This draft plan identifies and describes wildlife, habitat, rare plant, and other field investigations associated with the East Ridge Wind Energy Project (Project) located in southeast Oregon. These studies were requested ...
  • Clackamas County : Action plan for a sustainable Clackamas County 

    Clackamas County (Or.) (Clackamas County (Or.), 2008-11-13)
    [The] plan framework includes seven goals for 2050 with associated actions and tasks for the next three to five years. Subsequent to the Board's approval of the framework, County staff will develop an initial prioritization ...
  • Harney County : Biological study report, West Ridge wind energy project 

    West Ridge Wind, LLC; Luginbuhl, John; Northwest Wildlife Consultants; Gerhardt, Rick; Gritski, Robert; Harney County (Or.) (Harney County (Or.), 2008-11-26)
    This report identifies and describes wildlife, habitat, rare plant, and other field investigations that were completed as of October 20, 2008 or are ongoing for the West Ridge Wind Energy Project (Project) located in ...
  • Clatsop County : Upland erosion control, revegetation, and maintenance plan 

    Clatsop County (Or.) (Clatsop County (Or.), 2003-01-17)
    The intent of this Plan is to assist applicants by identifying baseline mitigation measures for minimizing erosion and enhancing revegetation. The project sponsors should specify in their applications for a FERC Certificate ...
  • Benton County : Jackson-Frazier wetland management plan 

    Benton County (Or.). Natural Areas & Parks Dept.; Reed, David; David Reed & Associates; Frenkel, Robert; Benton County (Or.) (Benton County (Or.), 2005-04-05)
    The purpose of this plan is to provide a comprehensive policy framework for decisions regarding protection, restoration, and public use of the approximately 147-acre Jackson- Frazier Wetland a portion of which is managed ...
  • Benton County : Fort Hoskins historic park forest stewardship management plan 

    ITS Management, Inc.; Benton County (Or.); Benton County (Or.). Parks Dept.; Miller, Mark; Ferguson, Scott (Benton County (Or.), 2000-06-02)
    The purpose of this Stewardship Management Plan is to provide Benton County, and the Benton County Parks Department staff, with a better understanding of the natural resources of the Fort Hoskins County Park site, and the ...
  • Benton County: Beazell Memorial Forest stewardship management plan 

    Benton County (Or.). Parks Dept.; Stewart, John; Oregon. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife; Institute for Applied Ecology; Trask, Steve; Kaye, Thomas; Schrieber, Barry; Benton County (Or.); Ferguson, Scott; Miller, Mark; ITS Management, Inc.; Galovich, Gary (Benton County (Or.), 2001-07-11)
    The Plan serves to: inventory and assess property resources; guide facility development and property management; describe resource management practices to be used; provide a comprehensive policy framework to guide ...
  • Washington County : Tualatin Basin goal 5/natural resources ESEE analysis 

    North Plains (Or.); Cornelius (Or.); Tualatin (Or.); Tualatin Basin Partners for Natural Places; Metro (Or.); Washington County (Or.); Tigard (Or.); Sherwood (Or.); Forest Grove (Or.); Hillsboro (Or.); Angelo Eaton & Associates; Noren, David C.; Beaverton (Or.); Durham (Or.); Clean Water Services (Washington County, Or.) (Washington County (Or.), 2005-03)
    The Tualatin Basin ESEE analysis is the second step in the Goal 5 process required under Oregon Administrative Rules as implemented within the Portland Metropolitan Region through Metro, the regional planning agency. ...
  • Linn County : Forestland development standards handbook 

    Linn County (Or.); Satre Associates (Linn County (Or.), 2003-06)
    The siting of new buildings and the expansion of existing buildings and homes is subject to various property development standards in the Linn County Land Development Code (LCC). The purpose of this handbook is to ...
  • Multnomah County : West of Sandy River rural area transportation and land use plan 

    Multnomah County (Or.); Parametrix, Inc.; Multnomah County (Or.). Transportation Division; Multnomah County (Or.). Land Use Planning Division; Angelo Eaton & Associates; Fishman Environmental Services (Multnomah County (Or.), 2002-11-12)
    The West of Sandy River Transportation and Land Use Plan is a rural area plan that is intended to guide development in the area over the next 20 years. In 1993, The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners initiated a Rural ...
  • Multnomah County : East of Sandy River rural area plan 

    Multnomah County (Or.) (Multnomah County (Or.), 2007-11-13)
    This document contains the Rural Area Plan for the East of Sandy River Rural Area. It is part of the overall Multnomah County Comprehensive Framework Plan, and when adopted by the Board of County Commissioners, will ...
  • Benton County : Fitton Green open space natural area management plan 

    Benton County (Or.); Benton County (Or.). Natural Areas & Parks Dept. (Benton County (Or.), 2000-04-12)
    The purpose of this Management Plan is to provide a comprehensive policy framework to guide future decisions regarding public access, preferred use, and visitor management of Fitton Green. The plan has been prepared ...
  • Multnomah County : Inventory of natural, scenic and open space resources for Multnomah County unincorporated urban areas 

    Multnomah County (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Multnomah County (Or.). Dept. of Environmental Services; Multnomah County (Or.). Division of Planning and Development (Multnomah County (Or.), 2001-10-11)
    This project, known as the Multnomah County-Portland Unincorporated Urban Area Functional Compliance Project, includes those areas of unincorporated Multnomah County that are within both the city's Urban Services boundary ...
  • Tillamook County : Stream corridor management plan 

    Tillamook County (Or.) (Tillamook County (Or.), 2000-03-25)
    [T]his plan is driven by the particular resource issues that stem from the 1992 mediated agreement and its 1999 modification. This plan is intended to address stream bank erosion in relation to the buildup of gravel bars. ...
  • Wallowa County : Salmon habitat recovery plan with multi-species habitat strategy 

    Wallowa County (Or.); Nez Perce Tribe of Idaho (Wallowa County (Or.), 1999-09)
    This document sets forth a plan to restore and maintain habitat for chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) and, potentially, other salmonid fish in Wallowa County, Oregon. The goals for salmon recovery are to provide ...