Medford : Riparian inventory and assessment

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Title: Medford : Riparian inventory and assessment
Author: Medford (Or.); Wetland Consulting
Abstract: The purpose of this project was to inventory riparian areas along streams in Medford and to assess riparian area functions. "Riparian areas" are defined as "the area adjacent to a stream consisting of the area of transition from the aquatic ecosystem to a terrestrial ecosystem" in Medford’s Municipal Code (Section 10.921). [From the Document]
Description: Item contains nine files: 1) Inventory and Assessment. 41 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Includes maps and figures; 2) eight maps, 1 p. each. Published June, 2002. Captured January 4, 2008.
Date: 2002-06

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Medford_Riparia ... y_Map_Wildlife_Habitat.pdf 279.3Kb PDF View/Open Wildlife Habitat Map
Medford_Riparian_Inventory_Map_Water_Quality.pdf 280.1Kb PDF View/Open Water Quality Map
Medford_Riparia ... Map_Thermal_Regulation.pdf 280.3Kb PDF View/Open Thermal Regulation Map
Medford_Riparian_Inventory_Map_Flood.pdf 278.8Kb PDF View/Open Flood Map
Medford_Riparian_Inventory_Map_4.pdf 2.228Mb PDF View/Open Map 4
Medford_Riparian_Inventory_Map_3.pdf 3.443Mb PDF View/Open Map 3
Medford_Riparian_Inventory_Map_2.pdf 1.912Mb PDF View/Open Map 2
Medford_Riparian_Inventory_Map_1.pdf 963.4Kb PDF View/Open Map 1
Medford_Riparian_Inventory.pdf 259.9Kb PDF View/Open Riparian Inventory and Assessment

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