Portland : Balch Creek watershed protection plan

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Title: Portland : Balch Creek watershed protection plan
Author: Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning
Abstract: This plan protects the natural resources of the Balch Creek watershed.... The purpose of the Balch Creek Watershed Protection Plan is to identify, evaluate, and protect fish and wildlife habitats, ecologically and scientifically significant natural areas, open spaces, water bodies, wetlands, and the functions and values of the watershed as a whole. The plan is written to comply with Statewide Planning Goal 5. [From the Plan] This text revises the original analysis prepared for this natural resource plan. [From the Revision]
Description: Item contains two files: 1) Plan. 222 pp. Includes maps and figures. Adopted January 8, 1991; 2) Revisions. 56 pp. Adopted April 12, 1995. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Captured December 28, 2007.
URI: http://www.portlandonline.com/planning/index.cfm?c=34251&a=103619
Date: 1995-04-12

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