Eugene : South Ridgeline habitat study

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Title: Eugene : South Ridgeline habitat study
Author: SWCA, Inc; Beyer, Erica; Salix Associates; Holzhauser, Nancy; Winterbrook Planning (Firm); Environmental Solutions, Inc.; Mitchell, Katie; Reed, Jim; Galen, Christie; Hayes, Marc P.; Gleason, Dan; Wison, Barbara; Eugene (Or.); Brooks, Tim
Abstract: This report contains documentation of a five-month inventory and assessment of over 2600 acres of upland habitats on public and private land in the South Ridgeline area of Eugene, Oregon. The South Ridgeline Habitat Study (SRHS) was undertaken to document the location, quantity, and quality of upland habitat, and suitability of habitat for uncommon and rare species in the area, and to do so in a way that meets the inventory standards contained in the administrative rules for Statewide Planning Goal 5.... This report contains: 1) background information about the study area, including ecological history; 2) methodology for inventory and assessment ratings; and 3) a summary of results. [From the Document]
Description: 177 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Includes maps and figures. Published August, 2007. Captured January 23, 2008.
Date: 2007-08

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