Salem : South Waterfront urban renewal feasibility study

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Title: Salem : South Waterfront urban renewal feasibility study
Author: Howard, Elaine; SERA Architects; Salem (Or.); Tashman Johnson LLC
Abstract: In 2006, the City of Salem, Boise Cascade, and the Strategic Economic Development Corporation (SEDCOR) invited the Urban Land Institute (ULI) to convene an Advisory Services Program panel to evaluate development opportunities for Boise Cascadeâ s river-front properties in downtown Salem. The panel issued a report which presented a redevelopment â programâ â the type and amount of residential, commercial public and parking development - for the area. The program recommended a change in zoning and use of the site from industrial to mixed use and an aggressive development program. It also recommended that the City adopt an urban renewal plan to finance public improvements. The City has directed staff to prepare a feasibility study for an urban renewal plan for the Boise and areas nearby. This study consisted of the following tasks: establish feasibility study area; assess conditions of 'blight' required to establish rrban renewal area; estimate the potential revenue capacity of urban renewal area; estimate costs for likely urban renewal projects; estimate impact of tax increment financing on overlapping taxing districts; prepare recommendations for proceeding. [From the Document]
Description: 28 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Includes maps and figures. Published March, 2007. Captured February 14, 2008.
Date: 2007-03

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