Talent : Wagner Creek greenway connection plan

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Title: Talent : Wagner Creek greenway connection plan
Author: Talent (Or.); David Evans and Associates
Abstract: The City of Talent’s vision for the Wagner Creek Greenway is that it will be a multi-use trail providing a non-motorized travel alternative for community residents and visitors while protecting and enhancing the biological, cultural, and historic resources of the corridor. Article 8-3H.2 of the Talent Zoning Code identifies the intent of the greenway designation: "…to support the continued improvement and maintenance of the Bear Creek Greenway, to continue to develop the Wagner Creek Greenway, and to eventually connect the two for an integrated greenway system. Greenway development shall combine pedestrian access with natural features in a way that protects natural areas and wildlife habitat in and around the greenway." [From the Plan]
Description: 46 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Includes figures. Published May, 2007. Captured February 18, 2008.
URI: http://www.cityoftalent.org/vertical/Sites/%7BAA1CCE57-8F49-4306-B28A-3A526BAB71E9%7D/uploads/%7B63250F99-DD00-461B-B8B8-866EF502F642%7D.PDF
Date: 2007-05

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