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  • Redmond (Or.); Oregon Downtown Development Association; SERA Architects (City of Redmond (Or.), 2006-05)
    The focus of Redmond’s Downtown Architectural Design Standards is pedestrian-oriented street life, which has long been hampered by heavy traffic volumes and freight movement along US97. The Downtown Design Standards originate ...
  • Salem (Or.). Dept. of Community Development; Salem (Or.) (City of Salem (Or.), 2008-04)
    The City of Salem Development Design Handbook is structured to clearly identify what is required for projects reviewed by the Historic Landmarks and Design Review Commission and projects that must comply with design standards. ...
  • Sherwood (Or.); Sherwood (Or.). Planning Dept. (City of Sherwood (Or.), 2005-04)
    The Old Town Design Guidelines are a framework within which to review new projects, aiding design professionals and developers in understanding the Cityâ s urban design expectations. The guidelines ensure a high degree ...
  • Springfield (Or.). Development Services Dept.; Springfield (Or.) (City of Springfield (Or.), 2000-07)
    The design standards project was initiated to respond to specific concerns raised by the City Council and other citizens about the quality and appearance of new, multiple family housing being developed in the community. ...
  • Tualatin (Or.); StastnyBrun Architects (City of Tualatin (Or.), 2001-10)
    The Tualatin Commons Enhancement Strategy, accepted by the Tualatin Development Commission on January 24th, 2000, outlined a task to create design guidelines for downtown development. The action was to occur in FY 00/01 ...

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