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  • Middle Fork Ranger District (Or.) (2004-04-16)
    Supplement discusses management of red tree voles, a Survey and Manage species, for the Pryor timber sale in the Salt and Salmon Creek drainages. After surveying found 13 active and 16 inactive nests on several units of ...
  • Willamette National Forest (Agency : U.S.) (2007-11-08)
    Announces decision to reauthorize the special use permits for 247 summer residences for a period of 20 years with no terms and conditions in addition to those currently in the permits.
  • Middle Fork Ranger District (Or.) (2004-04-16)
    Supplement, pursuant to an opinion and order from a 2003 lawsuit, discusses the application of management recommendations for survey and manage species found in the Straw Devil and East Devil timber sales area, located in ...
  • Willamette National Forest (Agency : U.S.) (2008-09)
    Proposes to thin area of over 2,900 acres of dense, even-aged, uniform, single-story, 35- to 60-year old plantations. This alternative is expected to yield approximately 40 million board feet of timber sawlogs to meet the ...
  • Willamette National Forest (Agency : U.S.) (2007-03)
    Proposes to close and store approximately 24 miles of roads in the watershed to minimize adverse affects to the resources and improve ability to perform adequate road maintenance activities within the existing budgetary ...
  • Willamette National Forest (Agency : U.S.) (2007-04-16)
    Announces decision to implement but modify Alternative 4 of project EA by having the Middle Fork District Ranger serve as the approving official on any administrative exceptions for motor boat use or use of internal ...
  • Willamette National Forest (Agency : U.S.) (2006-12)
    Proposes to alter recreational activities by restricting boat motor use on Waldo Lake to electric motors only, prohibit floatplanes, and prohibit public use of generators and chainsaws within the Dispersed Recreation ...

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