Redmond : 2030 parks master plan update

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Title: Redmond : 2030 parks master plan update
Author: Redmond (Or.); David Evans and Associates
Abstract: The general purpose of the plan is to: update the previous plan by listing park improvements accomplished; identify and locate proposed new parks in relation to the UGB expansion; establish a range of park types (e.g. neighborhood, community, special use), in compliance with agreed upon standards, and provide a listing of proposed amenities suitable and appropriate for both proposed and existing parks; update the System Development Charge based upon the total acquisition and development costs associated with the plan. SDC funds will be used to pay for new parks and facilities related to growth, while other funds, including city general funds, grants, and contributions will be utilized to pay for existing facility upgrades and previously planned park projects. [From the Plan]
Description: 143 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Includes maps and figures. Published January, 2008. Captured March 25, 2008.
Date: 2008-01

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