Talent : Comprehensive plan

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Title: Talent : Comprehensive plan
Author: Talent (Or.)
Abstract: This Plan provides no abstractable introduction or executive summary but discusses each element in its own chapter. These are: A. History Element; B. Parks and Recreation Element; C. Natural Hazards Element; D. Transportation Element (including the complete Transportation System Plan as an Appendix); E. Economy Element; F. Public Facilities Element; and G. Housing Element.
Description: 298 pp. Includes maps and figures. Not dated; most recent activity March, 2007. Captured February 18, 2008.
URI: http://www.cityoftalent.org/vertical/Sites/%7BAA1CCE57-8F49-4306-B28A-3A526BAB71E9%7D/uploads/%7BD6F01E16-4FE5-4695-8AEA-308055DBF219%7D.PDF
Date: 2007-03

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