Beaverton : Transportation system plan update (2000)

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Title: Beaverton : Transportation system plan update (2000)
Author: Beaverton (Or.); DKS Associates
Abstract: The State Transportation Planning Rule calls for local agencies to adopt their TSP within 12 months of the completion of a Regional Transportation Plan. To meet this requirement, this Transportation System Plan Update has been prepared. Its aim is to fulfill state mandates for comprehensive planning in Beaverton, to update and address current problem areas, to update and address future needs created by the estimated growth from 2015 to 2020, and bring the Beaverton TSP in alignment with the Regional Transportation Plan. [From the Plan]
Description: 655 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Includes maps and figures. Published September 29, 2001. Captured June 9, 2008.
Date: 2001-09-29

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