Fall project environmental assessment

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Title: Fall project environmental assessment
Author: Bend-Fort Rock Ranger District (Or.)
Abstract: Announces decision to implement Alternative 3 of the project EA with minor modifications, harvesting some commercial fiber on an estimated 3103 acres, including about 13,640 hundred cubic feet of firmwood fiber and cords. Includes prescribed burning or mowing 3100 acres to reduce wildfire risk, closing 23.4 miles of road to increase wildlife habitat effectiveness and non-commercially thin 3297 acres.
Description: 8 pp. T.20S., R.10E., Sections 15, 16, 19-22, 25-33; T.21S., R.10E., Sections 4, 5; T.20S., R.9E., Sections 23-27, 34-36; T.21S., R.9E., Sections 2-5, 7- 11, 15-22, 30; T.21S., R.8E., Sections 13, 23, 24, 25. Captured May 18, 2007.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/6911
Date: 2004-05-18

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