Deep vegetation management project record of decision

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Title: Deep vegetation management project record of decision
Author: Paulina Ranger District (Or.)
Abstract: Announces decision to implement Alternative C of project Supplementary EIS, to improve vegetative diversity, reduce the current fire hazard, improve the amount of shade producing vegetation and large woody material for streams, and reduce sedimentation from roads. Includes improvement cutting (5688 acres), commercial thinning (562 acres), clearcutting with reserve trees (60 acres), precommercial thinning (6285 acres), fuels treatments including underburning, and other activities such as riparian planting (28 miles), culvert replacements, road closing and decommissioning, and aspen, willow, and meadow enhancement.
Description: 16 pp. Table. In Crook County: T.13S., R.22E., Sections 23 through 26, 35 and 36; T.14S., R.22E., Sections 1, 2, 11 through 14, 23 through 27, 35 and 36; T.14S., R.23E., Sections 1 through 36; T.15S., R.22E., Sections 1 and 2; T.15S., R.23E., Section 6; Willamette Meridian. In Wheeler County: T.13S., R.22E., Sections 11, 13 and 14; T.13S., R.23E., Sections 7 through 36; T.13S., R.24E., Sections 7, 18, 19, 29 through 32; T.14S., R.24E., Sections 5 through 8, 16 through 21, 28 through 32; Willamette Meridian. Captured May 29, 2007.
Date: 2004-01

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