Mountain allotment management plan finding of no significant impact

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Title: Mountain allotment management plan finding of no significant impact
Author: United States. Bureau of Land Management. Burns District
Abstract: Announces decision excluding EIS from project dividing allotment into two use areas, grazed separately with two cattle herds, to facilitate better herd management and ranch operations, to assist in achieving a 50 percent target level of utilization on key plant species, to provide growing season rest to key plant species, to mitigate impacts of livestock to cultural and paleontological resources in congregation areas, and because past attempts to graze all permittees' cattle together as one herd have been largely unsuccessful. Includes maintaining current stands of antelope bitterbrush, improving steambank stability and the ecological rating on Stinkingwater Creek, maintaining availablity of perennial native forbs, providing for a stable to upward trend in rangeland condition within the mountain big sagebrush/Idaho fescue/Thurber's needlegrass plant communities, and increasing uniformity of livestock utilization levels and provide periodic growing season rest from livestock grazing for upland and riparian plant communities.
Description: 14 pp. Mountain Allotment #5532 is located approximately 30 miles east of Burns, Oregon, in the Stinkingwater Mountains. It contains six pastures encompassing 36,914 acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) managed land and 6,420 acres of private land. There are five grazing permits within the allotment with an authorized season of use from May 1 through September 15. Captured August 6, 2007.
Date: 2006

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