What do members want from IAMSLIC?

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Title: What do members want from IAMSLIC?
Author: Butler, Barbara A.
Abstract: Members were asked, via email, to answer five questions to help the IAMSLIC Executive Board with their long-term planning. 115 members (40% of the membership) responded. Benefits considered to be important to members (by percentage) are communication (71%), resource sharing (57%), conferences (46%), and Aquatic Commons digital repository (33%), and duplicate exchange (27%). Just over half (51%) of respondents are able to attend IAMSLIC conferences and cost was the major deterrent to attendance. IAMSLIC is the major professional organization for 70% of the respondents and the major activities participated in by members are (by percentage), regional group (56%), resource sharing user (51%), discussion list member (42%), conference attendee (40%), Union List and Distributed Library supplier (31%), and duplicate exchange participant (28%). 80% of respondents were willing to have IAMSLIC membership dues increased and over 50% of those who responded positively felt that dues could easily be increased to $50 per year for those in developed nations. Additional training opportunities were identified by members and suggestions were forwarded to the IAMSLIC Executive Board.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/7398
Date: 2006-10

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