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  • Keizer (Keizer, 2006-04-13)
    Zone ChangefromCO (Commercial Office) to CM (Commercial Mixed Use)
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2006-07-17)
    1. Section 2,303 (Off-Street Parking and Loading) includes number of textual changes, clarifications, and revisions to parking space requirement matrix. 2. Section 2.309 (Site and Landscaping Design) includes grammatical ...
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2006-07-24)
    1. Section 2.113 (Industrial Business Park) revision to allow movie theaters under category of amusement and recreation. 2. Section 2.119 (General Employment) changes to amend dimensional standards to include provision for ...
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2007-01-29)
    1.Section 2.113 (Industrial Business Park) - Includes development standards for Flexible Space uses on IBP designated located outside of the Keizer Station. 2. Section 3.204 (Public Notice Requirements) - Amends code to ...
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2007-06-08)
    1.a) Clarifies side and rear yard setbacks in Section 2.103 (RL); b) 2.104 (RM); c) 2.105 (RH); d) 2.106 (RC); e) 2.107 (Mixed Use); f) definition change in Sec. 1.200. 2. Specifies a "through lot" is not created by a ...
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2007-07-06)
    1.Section 2.309 allow off-site tree mitigation in tree replacement plans. 2.Section 3.107 includes citation of relevant development requirements such as tree removal and replacement plan, and infill standards. 3.Section ...
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2008-01-30)
    Change the land use designation on two parcels from Residential Single Family to Public to allow the development of the new city hall complex.
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2008-04-24)
    Amends Section 2.107 (Mixed Use) zone to increase commercial square foot limit from 10,000 to 120,000 square feet in MU designated lands subject to meeting certain development criteria and incentive for mixed use type of ...
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2008-06-25)
    Change the land use designation on a parcel within the city limits from EFU to Residential Single Family to allow development of a single family subdivision.
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2008-10-15)
    Text amendment to Section 2.308 (Signs) of the Keizer Development Code to include new provisions relating to electronic signs.
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2009-01-27)
    Text amendment to Section 2.312 (Yard and Lot Standards) of the Keizer Development Code to include new provisions relating to allowing the use of barbed wire fences within a CG (Commercial General) zone subject to meeting ...
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2009-04-15)
    Section 2.429 (Transit Station) - Includes development requirements for transit station. Sections 2.102 (Single Family Residential); 2.104 (Medium Density Residential); 2.107 (Mixed Use); 2.108 (Commerical Office); 2.109 ...
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2009-06-17)
    Update of TSP and revisions to the zone code.
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2009-11-23)
    Text amendment to Section 2.301 (General Provisions) of the Keizer Development Code eliminates a number of identified errors and clarifies when and what levels of public improvements are required of new development.
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2010-03-05)
    Text amendment to Section 2.427 (Wireless Telecommunication Facilities) of the Keizer Development Code that will update the standards used for siting wireless telecommunication facilities within the city limits.
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2010-03-19)
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2010-06-11)
    Text amendment to Section 2.102 (Residential Single Family) of the Keizer Development Code to remove Water Supply as a Conditional Use and to list it as a Special Permitted Use; and, to create a new Section 2.430 (Water ...
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2010-06-11)
    Text amendment to Section 3.112 (Annexations) of the Keizer Development Code will amend this section of the code to allow annexations which are consistent with Marion County Comprehensive Plan policies and applicable state ...
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2010-06-11)
    1) Reallocate the maximum retail square foot limit between the 5 Keizer Station areas. (Keizer Station Master Plan and Sections 2.107;2.109; 2.110; 2.119; 2.125. 2) Relocate commuter rail station from Area C to Area B in ...
  • Keizer (Keizer, 2010-09-13)
    Text amendment to Section 2.315 (Development Standards) of the Keizer Development Code will amend this section of the code to include standards relating to trash and recycling enclosures and to Section 2.205 (Junk and ...

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