Portland : Boring Lava Domes

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Title: Portland : Boring Lava Domes
Author: Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Portland (Or.); Adolfson Associates; Brooks, Tim
Abstract: This report updates the resource inventory, analysis and protection program for City of Portland Resource Site 30, Boring Lava Domes, (Lava Domes). This site was initially reviewed in 1991 as part of the Johnson Creek Basin Protection Plan (JCBPP). The JCBPP is one of eight plans developed by the City to comply with Statewide Planning Goal 5.... This study was initiated to implement Action Item EC7 of the Outer Southeast Community Plan, which reads: "Conduct a new study within the next three years to consider the refinement of environmental zoning in the Johnson Creek basin."1 The Portland City Planning Commission asked for this study in response to concerns raised by local citizens and City bureaus, which called attention to the significance of the Lava Domes and the need for particular study and refinement in that part of the basin. [From the document]
Description: 198 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Tables, figures. Adopted November 5, 1997. Captured November 24, 2008.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/7906
Date: 1997-11-05

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