Rajneeshpuram : Comprehensive plan (1982)

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Title: Rajneeshpuram : Comprehensive plan (1982)
Author: Rajneeshpuram (Or.)
Abstract: The plan is divided into three related volumes, each following from the other. The first volume is entitled "Research and Analysis," the second "Land Use Plan," and the third "Development Code." [From the Plan]
Description: Item contains three files: 1) Research and Analysis, Volume 1. 407 pp.; 2) Land Use Plan, Volume 2. 192 pp.; 3) Development Code, Volume 3. 132 pp. Bookmarks supplied by UO. Maps, charts, tables, illus., appendices. Published September 7, 1982. Scanned by UO from items HT168 R34 .A32 1982 v1, HT168 R34 .A32 1982 v2, HT168 R34 .A32 1982 v3, May, 2009.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/9294
Date: 1982-09-07

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HT168_R34A32_1982_v3_OCR.pdf 15.56Mb PDF View/Open Volume 3
HT168_R34A32_1982_v2_OCR.pdf 22.38Mb PDF View/Open Volume 2
HT168_R34A32_1982_v1_OCR.pdf 20.95Mb PDF View/Open Volume 1

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