Conflicts on multiple-use trails : synthesis of the literature and state of the practice

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Title: Conflicts on multiple-use trails : synthesis of the literature and state of the practice
Author: Moore, Roger L.
Abstract: The National Recreational Trails Advisory Committee identified trail-user conflicts on multiple-use trails as a major concern that needs resolution. The Committee asked the Federal Highway Administration to produce a synthesis of the existing research to foster understanding of trail conflict, identify approaches for promoting trail-sharing, and identify gaps in current knowledge. This synthesis is intended to establish a baseline of the current state of knowledge and practice and to serve as a guide for trail managers and researchers. The goal of the report is to promote user safety, protect natural resources, and provide high-quality user experiences. It reviews management options such as trail design, information and education, user involvement, and regulations and enforcement. Trail conflicts can occur among different user groups, among different users within the same user group, and as a result of factors not related to trail user activities at all. Conflict has been found to be related to activity style, focus of trip, expectations, attitudes toward and perceptions of the environment, level of tolerance for others, and different norms held by different users. The report provides 12 principles for minimizing conflicts on multiple-use trails. Although this report is about conflicts on trails, it is intended to promote cooperation and understanding among trail users and to inspire ideas that will help reduce trail conflict. It is intended to be used by trail managers, State and local trail coordinators, researchers, and trail-user volunteer organizations. [From document]
Description: 68 p. Illustrations
Date: 1994-08

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