Trieste e l'antico mare perduto di Umberto Saba

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Title: Trieste e l'antico mare perduto di Umberto Saba
Author: Lollini, Massimo, 1954-
Abstract: This article is part of a monographic volume of the Annali d'Italianistica (2006) on "Italian Identities," edited by Norma Bouchard.It shows how Saba’s Canzoniere, and particularly the verses of the section Mediterranee, propose an epistemology of space based on the Mediterranean Sea, open to cultural exchange, transmission, encounter and dialogue. Saba is of extreme relevance today in that he allows readers to inhabit a space that can be intersubjectively shared and, by so doing, provides an answer to the dangerous attempts to create exclusionary models of ethno- cultural and religious identity that have become part of our daily 21rst -century lives.
Date: 2006

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