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The Sustainable City Year program is a partnership of a cross-disciplinary group of faculty and students with one city in Oregon each year. Coursework in disciplines including design, planning, arts, ecology, journalism, engineering, business, and public policy focus on assisting that city with its sustainability-oriented goals and projects. The Sustainable City Year faculty and students work with city staff and other partners, through a variety of studio projects and service learning courses, to 1) provide students with a real world project to investigate; 2) apply their training; and 3) help a local city transition to a more sustainable and livable future.

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Recent Submissions

  • Chen, Lin (Flora); Eischeid, Mark R. (2016)
  • Hawley, Erica; Dionísio, Wendy Ames (2016)
  • Hawley, Erica; Dionísio, Wendy Ames (2016)
  • Salvey, Lydia; Remund, David (2015)
  • Montzka, Dianna; Nicolello, Bree; Vollstedt, Anya; Tejedas, Hope; Schlossberg, Marc (2015)
  • Martin, Andrew; Stuckmayer, Ethan; Yang, Yizhao (2016)
  • Austin, Ellie; Cannon, Kea; Logan, Jake; Savoian, Margaret; Ulrich, Nicky; Mason, Dyana (2016)
  • Andrus, Olivia; Babb, Emory; Ganim, Megan; Hopp, Quinn; Lopez, Pablo; Tilby, Caitlin (2016)
  • Zlevor, Kelsey; Rosenbloom, Jonathan (2016)
  • Hjelm, Elizabeth (2015)

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