The Sustainable City Year program is a partnership of a cross-disciplinary group of faculty and students with one city in Oregon each year. Coursework in disciplines including design, planning, arts, ecology, journalism, engineering, business, and public policy focus on assisting that city with its sustainability-oriented goals and projects. The Sustainable City Year faculty and students work with city staff and other partners, through a variety of studio projects and service learning courses, to 1) provide students with a real world project to investigate; 2) apply their training; and 3) help a local city transition to a more sustainable and livable future.

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Recent Submissions

  • Regional Multi-sports Complex Feasibility Analysis 

    Hjelm, Elizabeth (2015)
    In winter term 2016, students in the Business Planning and Strategy Projects class (BA 453) in the Lundquist School of Business at the University of Oregon (UO) conducted an analysis for a proposed regional multi-­sports ...
  • Meeting the Housing Needs of Redmond, Oregon Suggestions for Providing Affordable Housing 

    Brown, Emily; Stuckmayer, Ethan; Thomas, Ren (2016)
    The Affordable Housing Plan included an assessment of the existing housing options in Redmond, as well as goals, objectives, and strategies that could be used to encourage the preservation and creation of affordable ...
  • Redmond Airport Landscape Master Plan 

    Chen, Lin (Flora); Eischeid, Mark R. (2016)
    As “The Hub” for Central Oregon, Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM) is planning for a future expansion to respond to the rapidly growing population in the City of Redmond. The goal of this project is to design a landscape ...
  • Strategic Public Relations Plan & Client Materials Redmond Wastewater Division 

    Struxness, Rachel; Parker, Margy (2016)
    Over 10 weeks, a team of students in J454, the Public Relations Campaigns class at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication, conducted primary and secondary research to enhance their understanding ...
  • City of Redmond Community Engagement Plan 

    Hawley, Erica; Dionísio, Wendy Ames (2016)
    Over the course of 10 weeks, students in Public Relations Campaigns (J454) at the University of Oregon collaborated with City of Redmond officials and staff to identify goals, objectives, target audiences, strategies, ...
  • Redmond Professional Business Medical District Initiative 

    Hawley, Erica; Dionísio, Wendy Ames (2016)
    The Redmond Professional Business Medical District Initiative is an ongoing project in the City of Redmond, Oregon. The initiative aims to create a distinct area of town designated for new business development that will ...
  • Civic Engagement Strategies for The City of Redmond 

    Salvey, Lydia; Remund, David (2015)
    The City of Redmond worked with public relation students at the University of Oregon to find solutions for increasing civic engagement. The following pages include recommendations culled from eight different plans developed ...
  • Bike the Hub: Creating a Family-Friendly Bike System in Redmond 

    Montzka, Dianna; Nicolello, Bree; Vollstedt, Anya; Tejedas, Hope; Schlossberg, Marc (2015)
    This report documents the ideas, methodologies, and proposals produced by students of the Bicycle Transportation class for the City of Redmond, Oregon. Project members visualized a family-friendly bicycle network that ...
  • GIS Analysis of Redmond’s Great Neighborhood Principles 

    Martin, Andrew; Stuckmayer, Ethan; Yang, Yizhao (2016)
    In the spring 2016 term, an Advanced GIS class at UO conducted an analysis of three existing neighborhoods within the City of Redmond to identify how well they have implemented the Great Neighborhood Principles. The goal ...
  • Redmond Community Foundation 

    Austin, Ellie; Cannon, Kea; Logan, Jake; Savoian, Margaret; Ulrich, Nicky; Mason, Dyana (2016)
    Redmond is poised for growth and expansion, and based on previous projects like Hope playground, seems to have energized citizens who likely would support a community foundation. Our research found that cities across the ...
  • Bike Walk Roll Public relations Campaign 

    Andrus, Olivia; Babb, Emory; Ganim, Megan; Hopp, Quinn; Lopez, Pablo; Tilby, Caitlin (2016)
    Students in professor Margy Parker journalism class developed a short-term, mid-term, and long-term recommendations to promote biking, walking, and rolling in Redmond.
  • Inclusive Public Participation: Outreach to the Latino Community in the Redmond Area 

    Deiters, MaryBeth; Sandoval, Gerardo (2016)
    The City of Redmond has experienced rapid growth in its Latino population since 2000, and the city is working to improve communication with and services for the Latino community. Realizing the need to better reach out ...
  • Assessing the Potential for Nonprofit Organizations in Redmond, Oregon 

    Hussein-Wetzel, Deqah; Mason, Dyana (2016)
    Professor Dyana Mason’s Nonprofit Consultancy class worked in four groups to provide nonprofit advice to Redmond community members and city staff in four separate subject-areas. Students assessed the feasibility of ...
  • Legal Strategies for Sustainability 

    Zlevor, Kelsey; Rosenbloom, Jonathan (2016)
    Sustainable development is development that enables the economic, environmental, and equitable health of the current population without compromising the ability of future generations to meet these needs. To accommodate ...
  • Redmond Municipal Airport Marketing Assets Report 

    Hjelm, Elizabeth (2015)
    This project developed a strategic branding and marketing program for the airport to maximize marketing and advertising. Roberts Field functions as the Municipal Airport for Redmond, OR, servicing the residents of Central ...
  • Adaptive Reuse A Public Safety Facility for Redmond Police 

    Tran, Katrina; Moore, Joe (2016)
    This report summarizes the design proposals for an adaptive reuse public safety facility in Redmond, Oregon. The building is currently a National Guard training facility, but it is likely to be sold in the near future. ...
  • Redmond Water Utilities Strategic Communication Plans: Creating Environmentally Conscious K-12 Students 

    Ganim, Megan; Honda, Laurie (2015)
    Redmond Wastewater Division (RWD) partnered with a University of Oregon (UO) School of Journalism and Communications public relations course, J453: Strategic Planning and Cases for Public Relations, to increase awareness ...
  • Redmond Area Parks and Recreation Capital Finance Strategy: RAPRD District Tax Valuation Analysis 

    Jackson, Maureen; Lewis, Rebecca (2015)
    The Redmond Area Park and Recreation District (RAPRD) is a special taxing district, first incorporated in 1975, that supports parks and open space, an indoor aquatic center, community centers, and programming in most ...
  • Business Medical District Economic Improvement District, Redmond 

    Zlevor, Kelsey; Lewis, Rebecca (2015)
    Students in the graduate level Public Budget Administration course within the department of Planning, Public Policy and Management (PPPM) at the University of Oregon (UO) were tasked with examining the viability of ...
  • Downtown Redmond Market Analysis 

    Hjelm, Elizabeth (2015)
    As part of the Sustainable City Year, the City of Redmond identified the downtown market as an area for further study and analysis. Redmond has devoted significant effort and investment into revitalizing this area and is ...

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