Historic preservation documents include inventories, surveys, and preservation plans for historic areas, districts, sites, landscapes, and buildings. Titles vary widely, and may include cultural resources inventories and archeological investigations.

Recent Submissions

  • Portland : Centennial Mills framework plan (2008) 

    Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Portland Development Commission; SERA Architects; Mayer/Reed; KPFF Consulting Engineers (Portland Development Commission, 2008-12-13)
    The purpose of this plan is to clarify the public’s interests and aspirations for the Centennial Mills site. This plan does not posit particular redevelopment schemes for the property. Rather, it outlines the various ...
  • Portland : Centennial Mills framework plan : Existing conditions (2006) 

    Portland (Or.); Portland Development Commission; Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Portland (Or.). Bureau of Environmental Services; Portland Parks and Recreation; Portland (Or.). Bureau of Transportation; KPFF Consulting Engineers; Portland (Or.). Bureau of Development Services; SERA Architects (Portland Development Commission, 2006-04)
    The Portland Development Commission (PDC) and the Bureau of Planning are working with stakeholders to create a framework plan for the Centennial Mills site, which will summarize public’s goals for the site. The framework ...
  • La Grande : Standards and guidelines manual for historic rehabilitation and preservation (2009) 

    La Grande (Or.) (La Grande (Or.), 2009-06-23)
    The Standards and Guidelines Manual for Historic Rehabilitation and Preservation for La Grande, Oregon will provide rehabilitation parameters to owners of buildings in the National Register Commercial Historic District ...
  • Ashland : Preservation plan (2008) 

    Ashland (Or.); Fitzgerald, Kimberli (City of Ashland (Or.), 2008)
    Based upon the preferences of the Historic Commission as well as input from staff and the community, a ten year implementation plan has been developed. The timeline for implementation of each individual project has been ...
  • Ashland : Preservation plan 2009-2018 (2008) 

    Ashland (Or.); Fitzgerald, Kimberli (City of Ashland (Or.), 2008)
    Based upon input from... surveys and questionnaires, needs were identified in five different program areas. Recommendations for code changes and alternative projects to address these needs were presented to the ...
  • Jacksonville : Historic and cultural resource inventory (1993) 

    Kramer, George; Jacksonville (Or.) (City of Jacksonville (Or.), 1993-08)
    This 1992-93 report has the parallel goals of 1) expanding the study area beyond the Landmark District proper, and 2) to document for the first time the non-built resources that create the setting for Jacksonville and ...
  • Portland : Civic planning, development, & public works, 1851-1965 

    Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning and Sustainability; Portland (Or.) (City of Portland (Or.), 2009-03)
    This document provides a framework for understanding the history of urban planning and public works in the City of Portland between 1851 and 1965 and for evaluating the significance of City-owned historic resources. The ...
  • Portland : Historic special assessment 

    Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Portland (Or.) (City of Portland (Or.), 2006-07)
    The Oregon Legislature recently amended the Historic Special Assessment Program to allow owners of historic residential property to apply for a second 15-year period of special assessment if the local jurisdiction adopts ...
  • Portland : Historic context, Hawthorne Boulevard from SE 20th to SE 55th Avenues 

    Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Portland (Or.) (City of Portland (Or.), 2003-02)
    This document, Historic Context, Hawthorne Boulevard from SE 20th to SE 55th Avenues, supports materials prepared to evaluate historic resources in an area that may be affected by the Hawthorne transportation project. ...
  • Portland : Centennial Mill historic preservation assessment 

    Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Portland (Or.) (2006-03-23)
    This document summarizes and evaluates the historical and architectural characteristics and significance of the Centennial Mill property, currently owned by the Portland Development Commission. It is intended to inform ...
  • Portland : Summary of Portland historic preservation zoning incentives 

    Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Portland (Or.) (City of Portland (Or.), 2006-09)
    Portland's Zoning Code includes special provisions that encourage new historic listings and increase the potential for historic structures to be renovated and rehabilitated by increasing land use flexibility and redevelopment ...
  • Portland : Summary of Portland historic resources zoning regulations 

    Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Portland (Or.) (City of Portland (Or.), 2005-09-23)
    This document summarizes important historic resources-related provisions of Portland's Zoning Code (Title 33: Planning and Zoning). Relevant sections are scattered throughout the Code, but are found primarily in Chapter ...
  • Portland : Financial incentives for historic preservation 

    Portland (Or.); Portland Historical Landmarks Commission (Portland, Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning (City of Portland (Or.), 2007-01)
    This document summarizes a number of financial programs -- primarily grants, loans and tax benefits -- that support historic preservation, renovation and rehabilitation projects and programs in Portland. These programs are ...
  • Portland : How do we know it is us without our past? 

    Portland Historical Landmarks Commission (Portland, Or.); Portland (Or.) (City of Portland (Or.), 1974)
    These are some of the notions, plans and methods which indicate that the preservation movement is off dead-center and moving in a positive direction. [From the document]
  • Portland : East Portland historical overview and historic preservation study 

    Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning (City of Portland (Or.), 2007-12-20)
    The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the history of East Portland and a preliminary analysis of issues and trends that can inform historic preservation efforts in the area. The intent is to outline the ...
  • Portland: Recommended Albina community plan goal 5 economic, social, environmental, and energy analysis for historic design zones/neighborhood conservation districts 

    Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Albina Community Plan (City of Portland (Or.), 1993-02)
    To fulfill Statewide Goal 5 requirements, this report contains an Economic, Social, Environmental and Energy (ESEE) Analysis of historic resource protection for the recommended seven Historic Design Zone/Neighborhood ...
  • Portland : History of the Albina plan area 

    Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning; Portland State University. Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning. Comprehensive Planning Workshop (City of Portland (Or.), 1990)
    The Comprehensive Planning Worshop is the capstone of the Portland State University's Master of Urban Planning program. The worshop projects are planning studies that have a practical use long after the school term is ...
  • Portland : The History of Portland's African American Community (1805 to the Present) 

    Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning (City of Portland (Or.), 1993-02)
    This project was conceived from the Albina Community Plan, a revitalization plan for inner north and northeast Portland.... Past redevelopment efforts have taught community planners that preserving social and cultural ...
  • Tualatin : Historic resource technical study and inventory 1992/1993 

    Tualatin (Or.) (City of Tualatin (Or.), 1993)
    The intent of this study is to compile the first historical context and historic resource inventory for the City of Tualatin on a citywide basis, determine which resources have historical significance, and recommend ...
  • Portland : Historic districts in the Albina Community 

    Portland (Or.); Portland (Or.). Bureau of Planning (Portland (Or.), 1992-02)
    This document has been written to help residents and others interested in local historic districts understand the process and implications of creating a local historic district. [From the Document]

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