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    • As the Anglo-Saxon Sees the World: Meditations on Old English Poetry 

      Coogle, Diana (University of Oregon, 2012)
      It is a pity that Old English poetry is not more widely known, not only because it is beautiful and powerful but because to read it is to experience a different way of thinking. It is also a pity - or opportunity - that ...
    • Metaphorical Space and Enclosure in Old English Poetry 

      Waller, Benjamin (University of Oregon, 2014-06-17)
      While the political and social spaces of Old English literature are fairly well understood, this project examines the conceptual spaces in Old English poetry. The Anglo-Saxons possessed a richly metaphorical understanding ...
    • De Monstro: An Anatomy of Grendel 

      Hensel, Marcus (University of Oregon, 2012)
      Demon, allegory, exile, Scandinavian zombie—Grendel, the first of the monsters in the Old English Beowulf, has been called all of these. But lost in the arguments about what he means is the very basic question of what he ...