Recent Submissions

  • Bicycle Transportation in Medford: Connections to the Bear Creek Greenway 

    Schlossberg, Marc; Peizer, Ross; Fiorelli, Thomas (University of Oregon, 2014)
    Under the direction of Professor Marc Schlossberg, 42 students in the University of Oregon Department of Planning, Public Policy, and Management’s Bicycle Transportation course reviewed and examined critical elements of ...
  • Activity Center Identification in Medford, OR 

    Griepenburg, Bjorn; Yang, Yizhao (University of Oregon, 2014)
    The City of Medford seeks to identify activity centers to achieve an array of policy goals, including those that foster nodal development, increase residential density, and encourage alternate forms of transportation. ...
  • The Effect of Neighborhood Watch Programs on Neighborhood Crime in Medford Oregon 

    Greene, Shannon; Osterholm, John; Fan, Yiqian; Stone, Joe A. (Joe Allan) (University of Oregon, 2014)
    Over the past decade Medford Oregon expanded their Neighborhood Watch program and increased the number of neighborhood watch groups they have in each section of the city. Using robust panel regression analysis we ...
  • An Analysis of the City of Medford’s Parks & Recreation Department 

    Boyer, Coleman (University of Oregon, 2014)
  • Open Space Protection in Medford, Oregon: A Menu of Legal and Planning Strategies 

    McFerson, KC; Margolis, Jared (University of Oregon, 2014)
    The goal of this project is to improve open space protection in Medford, Oregon. This report describes potential legal obstacles and effective legal and planning strategies behind successful municipal open space protection ...
  • Rogue Valley Transportation District Public Relations Plan 

    Yount, Heather; Ciscek, Erica; Phillips, Laurie; Parker, Margy (University of Oregon, 2014)
    This report is the result of three terms of work by students in the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication. During fall term 2013, students in Strategic Communications Research (J495) conducted ...
  • Public Engagement with Diverse Communities in Medford [2014] 

    Platt, Daniel; Sandoval, Gerardo (University of Oregon, 2014)
    This report begins with a summary of some important context for the project, including a brief history of Latino settlement patterns in Medford and key demographic data. In the next section, we describe the methods and ...
  • Four Visions for the Jackson County Health Site Redevelopment Plan 

    Dobrinich, Stephen; Drlik-Muehleck, Aniko (University of Oregon, 2013)
    In the fall term of 2013, graduate students in the Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management (PPPM) at the University of Oregon developed concept plans for the Jackson County Health Site in Medford, Oregon. ...
  • Public Engagement with Diverse Communities in Medford [2013] 

    Herrera, Roanel; Sandoval, Gerardo (University of Oregon, 2013)
    With an overall goal of facilitating outreach in minority neighborhoods, this report describes the process behind a successful collaborative outreach project based on bottom-up outreach strategies.