Troutdale, Oregon Planning Documents


Recent Submissions

  • Troutdale (Or.) (Troutdale, 2008-01-25)
    Text ampnrlTTip.nts to the Troutdale Development Code to define partitions; amend the procedures for land use actions, including land division; and establishing procedures for minor and major changes as they relate to ...
  • Troutdale (Or.) (Troutdale, 2008-09-03)
    Amendments to the City's three industrial zones to comply with Metro Functional Plan Title 3. Amendments pertaining to stormwater management and public utiltiies.
  • Troutdale (Or.) (Troutdale, 2012-06-14)
    An ordinance amending the Troutdale Development Code (Text Amendment No. 47) Chapter 1 Introductory Provision, section 1.040 Definitions; Chapter 4.300 Vegetation Corridor and slope District; Chapter 5.800 Stormwater ...
  • Troutdale (Or.) (Troutdale, 2012-12-14)
    The permitted use section of the Central Business District (CBD) zone was amended to remove the prohibition of restaurants with drive through service. Prior to this change, restaurants have been allowed but restaurants ...
  • Troutdale (Or.) (Troutdale, 2010-03-12)
  • Troutdale (Or.) (Troutdale, 2009-05-18)
  • Troutdale (Or.) (Troutdale, 2009-11-13)
  • Troutdale (Or.) (Troutdale, 2007-12-13)
  • Troutdale (Or.) (Troutdale, 2006-12-29)
  • Troutdale (Or.) (Troutdale, 2006-02-01)
  • Troutdale (Or.) (Troutdale, 2006-09-22)
    Amending provisions for temporary overflow parking and temporary signs
  • University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; Johnson, Bethany; Christensen, Daniel; Kennedy, Marie; Killoy, Kristine; Lubbers, Ben; Padgett, Susan; West, Aaron (City of Troutdale (Or.), 2006-11-14)
  • Multnomah County (Or.); Cogan Owens Cogan (Firm); SERA Architects; Falconi Consulting Services (Multnomah County (Or.), 2005-04)
    This report describes the proposed conceptual design for the portion of Halsey Street that goes through the communities of Fairview, Troutdale and Wood Village between 223rd Avenue and the Historic Columbia River Highway ...
  • Cascade Economic Planning; Launer, Jeannette M.; Troutdale (Or.); Tashman Johnson LLC (City of Troutdale (Or.), 2006-01-18)
    The goals and objectives of the Plan are as follows: promote the redevelopment of the area for a mix of retail, office, residential and public uses. The area is effectively undeveloped but its location makes it a valuable ...
  • Troutdale (Or.); SRI/Shapiro, Inc.; HNTB Companies; DKS Associates; Lennertz Coyle & Associates (City of Troutdale (Or.), 1998-02-10)
    The primary objective of the Troutdale Town Center Plan is to develop a strategy for new infill and redevelopment that will enable downtown Troutdale to thrive as a viable town center within the Portland region. [From the Plan]
  • Troutdale (Or.) (City of Troutdale (Or.), 2006-07-31)
    Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. They include two components: a zoning ordinance and a subdivision ordinance, which may be adopted and published as separate documents ...
  • Troutdale (Or.); University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop (City of Troutdale (Or.), 2006-06)
    [T]his Plan guides future development and management efforts for the Troutdale park system over the next 8 years. This Plan: provides an inventory of existing parks and an analysis of appropriate park classifications ...
  • Troutdale (Or.); DKS Associates (City of Troutdale (Or.), 2005-08-23)
    In July, 1995 the City of Troutdale adopted the first Transportation System Plan (TSP) in the Portland Metropolitan area. Since that time, there have been significant changes in regional planning efforts and requirements, ...
  • Troutdale (Or.); Troutdale (Or.). Community Development Dept. (City of Troutdale (Or.), 1998-12)
    The Troutdale Comprehensive Land Use Plan is a set of maps, policies, and implementing measures affecting land use within city boundaries. Plan policies are formal public commitments that public action will be taken ...