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    • Happy Valley : Parks and recreation plan 

      Happy Valley (Or.); MIG, Inc. (City of Happy Valley (Or.), 2003-01-21)
      This report discusses the findings and recommendations to provide park, open space, trails and other recreation facilities in Happy Valley.... the Plan will provide policies for acquiring and managing recreation and and ...
    • Hermiston : Park master plan report 

      Carter Burgess (Firm); Hermiston (Or.) (City of Hermiston (Or.), 2007-11)
      The City of Hermiston elected to prepare a Park Master Plan to guide capital facility investments during the planning horizon 2008-2022. The plan serves as the justification for new projects included in the Capital ...
    • Hillsboro : Parks master plan 

      Hillsboro (Or.); Moore Iacofano Goltsman (Firm) (City of Hillsboro (Or.), 2003-05)
      Chapter 2 -- Planning Context contains a community profile.... Chapter 3 -- Existing Conditions describes the recreation resources available today.... Chapter 4 -- Needs Assessment documents residents' needs.... Chapter 5 ...
    • Hubbard : Parks master plan 

      Kinney, David W.; Hubbard (Or.) (City of Hubbard (Or.), 2007-05-08)
      The master plan work involved the following tasks: 1. Inventory of existing park sites including the preparation of base maps for each city park listing and photo documentation of the existing park facilities. 2. ...
    • Keizer : Keizer Rapids Park master plan 

      Keizer (Or.) (City of Keizer (Or.), 2006-10-02)
      [The goal of the Plan is] to develop a long range Master Plan that will be used to guide the development of the Keizer Rapids Park in the coming years into a community park and regional facility of statewide significance. ...
    • Lake Oswego : George Rogers Park master plan 

      Lake Oswego (Or.); Atlas Landscape Architects; Pacific Habitat Services; Kittelson & Associates; Hennebery Eddy Architects; Beckham, Stephen Dow (City of Lake Oswego (Or.), 2002-06)
      A consultant team of landscape architects, historians, natural resource scientists, architects, and transportation engineers was engaged to facilitate a public master planning process for George Rogers Park with the ...
    • Lake Oswego : Master plan for Luscher Farm 

      Lake Oswego (Or.); Murase and Associates; KPFF Consulting Engineers; Pacific Rim Resources, Inc.; SERA Architects; Byrnes, Michael; SRI/Shapiro, Inc.; Kittelson & Associates (City of Lake Oswego (Or.), 1997-07-15)
      The recommendations of the Ad-Hoc Task Force is that Luscher Farm and adjoining properties be utilized as a multipurpose recreational/cultural historic complex; a substantial historic farm component; a substantial, ...
    • Lake Oswego : Proposed Lake Oswego community center Steering Committee recommendation report (2007) 

      Lake Oswego (Or.); Drew Harrington Associates; Sports Management Group; BOORA Architects; Lake Oswego (Or.). Parks & Recreation Dept. (City of Lake Oswego (Or.), 2007-06-11)
      The Steering Committee recommends that the community center contain a variety of program and support services spaces that will fulfill a wide range of needs in Lake Oswego that are currently unmet by existing City ...
    • Lake Oswego : Trails and pathways master plan 

      Lake Oswego (Or.); Lake Oswego (Or.). Parks & Recreation Dept.; Alta Planning and Design (City of Lake Oswego (Or.), 2003-06-17)
      The Plan proposes the development of a hierarchical trail system that integrates regional, community connector, and local access trails ....This hierarchical system of community members a wide variety ...
    • Lebanon : Parks master plan 

      Lebanon (Or.); University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop (City of Lebanon (Or.), 2006-03)
      This Plan guides future development and management efforts for the Lebanon park system over the next 20 years. This Plan: provides an inventory of existing parks and an analysis of appropriate park classifications and ...
    • Lebanon : Parks master plan capital improvements program 

      University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; Lebanon (Or.) (City of Lebanon (Or.), 2006-03)
      This document, the Parks Capital Improvement Program, identifies specific projects and activities that implement the Parks Master Plan. [From the document]
    • Madras : Parks and open space master plan 

      Walker-Macy; Madras (Or.) (City of Madras (Or.), 2004-11)
      This master plan for Madras Parks and Open Space, the first for this community, serves to inventory current local resources and conditions, identify specific issues important to the City and its residents and present an ...
    • Medford : Parks master plan 

      Medford (Or.); Project A Inc. (City of Medford (Or.), 2003)
      [T]his plan will address community needs and provide new direction for the development of parks and leisure services for the next twenty-five years. The City has an excellent foundation for a thriving park system and ...
    • Medford: Bear Creek master plan 

      Medford (Or.); Design Studios West; Medford Urban Renewal Agency (City of Medford (Or.), 2003-01-21)
      In February 2002, Design Studios West, Inc (DSW) was engaged, by the City of Medford and the Medford Urban Renewal Agency (MURA), to prepare a master plan for the seven and one-half mile length of the Bear Creek Corridor ...
    • Molalla : Parks, recreation and trails master plan 

      Molalla (Or.); Alta Planning and Design; Cogan Owens Cogan (Firm) (City of Molalla (Or.), 2007-07-27)
      This plan is a guide for future decisions and activities concerning how the City of Molalla will acquire, develop, operate and maintain land, facilities and programs related to parks, recreation and trails over a 20-year ...
    • Monmouth : Parks system master plan 

      University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; Monmouth (Or.) (City of Monmouth (Or.), 2008-12-02)
      The Monmouth Parks Master Plan is intended to guide development of the municipal parks system for the period between 2008 and 2028. This Plan is an update to the 1998 Monmouth Parks Master Plan. A parks master plan ...
    • Monmouth Parks System master plan 

      University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; Enriori, Nico; Fukahori, Sayaka; Kraemer, Nick; Scotten, Heather; Wallace, John; Zanetto, Laura; Doherty, Amy; Baker, Peter; McArthur, Colin; Parker, Bob (City of Monmouth (Or.), 2008-12-02)
    • Mosier : Waterfront park master plan 

      Mosier (Or.); Quatrefoil, Inc.; Bramare, Inc.; Crane and Merseth Engineering and Surveying; Walker, Diloreto, Younie (City of Mosier (Or.), 2002-08-25)
      Plans will be developed based on the priorities developed by the citizens stakeholders committee. The current priorities are the Rock Creek trail head and restoration of the Rock Creek riparian area, Columbia River access ...
    • Mt. Angel Parks System master plan 

      University of Oregon. Dept. of Planning, Public Policy and Management. Community Planning Workshop; Fukahori, Sayaka; Neff, Ray; Tomlinson, Titus; Zanetto, Laura; Kraemer, Nick; Scotten, Heather; Johnson, Bethany (City of Mt. Angel (Or.), 2009-05)
    • Oakridge : Oakridge-Westfir community trails plan 

      Oakridge (Or.); Westfir (Or.); Oakridge-Westfir Area Chamber of Commerce (Or.); United States. National Park Service. Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program; Oakridge-Westfir Community Trails Committee (City of Oakridge (Or.), 2007-04)
      of- town and Forest Trails. The purpose of these distinctions is to provide some guidance as to how different types of trails would be developed. The trails would be interconnected allowing a practical and efficient route ...