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    • Umatilla County : Stanfield interchange access management program 

      Umatilla County (Or.); Oregon. Dept. of Transportation; Oregon. Dept. of Land Conservation and Development; DKS Associates; Stanfield (Or.); Echo (Or.) (Oregon Dept. of Transportation, 2005-11)
      This IAMP is a joint effort between ODOT, the City of Stanfield, the City of Echo and Umatilla County to ensure the I-84/Stanfield interchange area can meet future transportation needs. The transportation benefits of ...
    • Umatilla County : Transportation system plan 

      Umatilla County (Or.); David Evans and Associates (Umatilla County (Or.), 2002-04)
      The Umatilla County Transportation System Plan (TSP) guides the management of existing transportation facilities and the design and implementation of future facilities in Umatilla County for the next 20 years. This ...
    • Umatilla County : US 730 corridor refinement plan (2007) 

      Oregon. Dept. of Transportation; Kittelson & Associates; Umatilla County (Or.) (Umatilla County (Or.), 2007-10)
      [T]he US 730 Corridor Refinement Plan was developed to identify circulation and access-management strategies that would address the corridor’s near- and long-term safety needs. [From the Plan]
    • Umatilla County : Westland Road/I-84/I-82 Interchange area transportation plan (2004) 

      Umatilla County (Or.); H. Lee & Associates (Umatilla County (Or.), 2004-01-12)
      The purpose of the Umatilla County Westland Road /I-84 /I-82 Interchange Area Transportation Plan is to supplement and refine the Umatilla County Transportation System Plan in the project planning area. The goal of the ...