Lockean Money, Indigenism and Globalism

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Title: Lockean Money, Indigenism and Globalism
Author: Zack, Naomi, 1944-
Abstract: The term 'indigenism' is currently used to refer to the traditions, interests, and goals of the descendants of original, or "pre-contact," inhabitants of lands that Europeans and Americans invaded and exploited. In general, during the modern period, indigenist civilization has been oppressed by European civilization. Although liberatory critics have addressed the political and moral aspects of European colonial oppression, not much, at least by philosophers, has been written about the nature of money. Money was the nonviolent mechanism of land dispossession, which was the main material form of European oppression of indigenists.
Description: 23 p.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1794/2100
Date: 1999

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