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  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2006-08-17)
    The subject property is a 1.27 acre parcel inside the City's UGB contiguous with the current City Limits. Land to the west/south is designated industrial, and Mixed Use to the east/southeast. The Lowe's Distribution Center ...
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2007-03-09)
    The City of Lebanon, in conjunction with the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), initiated a study of the City's transportation system in 1999. These efforts have resulted in development of a Transportation System ...
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2007-08-09)
    This Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment establishes a zone corresponding to the Public Use Comprehensive Plan and Map category (C-PU), correcting a long-standing omission in the City's Zoning Ordinance. The City's 2003 ...
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2008-10-06)
    The subject property, known as Ridgeway Landing, is a 73.5 acre parcel inside the City Limits. The area is bordered on the west by the South Santiam River and by Berlin Road on the east, and is located at the western Toot ...
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2008-12-11)
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2009-07-27)
    Re-designated an 11.84 acre portion of a 14.08 acre parcel from a Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment designation of Residential Mixed Density to Mixed Use; and a Zoning Map designation of Residential Mixed Density (RM) to ...
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2009-07-27)
    Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment changing the Plan designation from Industrial to Mixed Use, and a Zone Map Amendment changing the zoning from Industrial (Z-IND) to Mixed Use (Z-MU) on a 0.58 acre parcel.
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2009-08-17)
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2010-03-18)
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2010-07-23)
    Amendments to Lebanon Development Code: Clarify, identify, and expand uses allowed in the various zones; Revise procedures and requirements for certain uses; Revised clear vision, fence and parking standards; Clarify sign ...
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2010-07-23)
    Re-zoned properties that have public uses within the City of Lebanon to the Public Use Zone (Z-PU), to be consistent with the Public Use designation identified on Lebanon's Comprehensive Plan Map.
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2011-02-16)
    Request to Annex 1.43 acres to the City of Lebanon, and establish the Industrial (Z-IND) Zone on the newly annexed property. Proposed Zoning conforms to Comprehensive Plan M a p designation.
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2011-03-14)
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2011-06-13)
    (1) Amend the Comprehensive Plan Map to establish the Commercial Plan Map designation (C-CM) and (2) amend the Zone Map to establish the Highway Commercial zone (Z-HCM) on the east half of the site.
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2011-07-21)
    Established "Biosciences & Technology Overlay Zone (BST-OZ)" to foster and encourage bioscience research, development, and manufacturing on property located near the new medical college (Western University of Health Sciences).
  • Lebanon (Or.) (Lebanon, 2012-07-18)
    Amend Lebanon Zoning Map; changing the zoning on the subject properties from Industrial (Z-IND) to Mixed Use (Z-MU).

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