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  • Clark, Benjamin Y.; Larco, Nico; Mann, Roberta F. (2017-08)
    Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are already being used and their proliferation is inevitable. AVs have the potential to fundamentally alter transportation systems by averting deadly crashes, providing critical mobility to the ...
  • Tumlin, Jeffrey (2018-03-05)
    To accommodate the last mobility revolution-- 1929 to 1933 -- we created the regulatory framework for the arrival of the automobile, including criminalizing walking for the first time, and putting into law AAA's marketing ...
  • Howell, Amanda; Tan, Huijun; Brown, Anne; Schlossberg, Marc; Karlin-Resnick, Josh; Lewis, Rebecca; Anderson, Marco; Larco, Nico; Tierney, Gerry; Carlton, Ian; Kim, James; Steckler, Becky (Urbanism Next, 2020-01)
    Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are a near future reality and the implications of AVs on city development and urban form, while potentially widespread and dramatic, are not well understood. In addition, there are other fundamentally ...
  • Steckler, Becky (Urbanism Next, 2019-10)
    This purpose of this report is to help the cities of Gresham, Oregon and Eugene, Oregon understand the potential impacts of new mobility technologies—with an emphasis on autonomous vehicles (AVs)—and prepare a policy ...
  • Chase, Robin (2018-03-05)
    We already live in a time of breathtaking change and uncertainty. Technology is moving so fast we've barely understood its implications before it becomes almost impossible to correct it's expressed worst possibilities. ...
  • Hoffman, Matt; Shirazi, Sahar (2018-03-05)
    While emerging technologies are often promoted as opportunities to dramatically increase safety, accessibility, and convenience, there is no guarantee that they will improve the lives of everyone. Historically disadvantaged ...
  • Urbanism Next, University of Oregon (Urbanism Next, 2019-03)
    The transportation sector accounts for the largest portion of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to all other sectors, and GHGs are once again on the rise. At the same time, new mobility technologies are being introduced ...
  • Carlson, Galen; Larco, Nico (2017)
  • Larco, Nico; Bowers, Alison (Urbanism Next, University of OregonUrbanism Next, University of Oregon, 2017)
  • Schlossberg, Marc; Millard-Ball, Adam; Shay, Elizabeth; Riggs, William (Billy) (2018-01-26)
  • Urbanism Next, University of Oregon (Urbanism Next, University of Oregon, 2020-01)
    This framework provides an overview of the work Urbanism Next does and how we approach our research.
  • Larco, Nico; Carlson, Galen (2017)

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