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  • Best Practices for Large- Scale AgileTransformations 

    Wright, Del (University of Oregon, 2018)
    Agile software development methods were originally designed for small, individual team projects, but have shown potential benefits for larger projects and organizations as well. Concerns exist, however, regarding scalability ...
  • Against the Odds: Reflections on Asian American Identity and Multicultural, Shared Leadership in Academic Libraries 

    Lim, Adriene (Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, 2017-03-28)
    The author of this essay describes her personal experiences as an Asian American woman, and the influence of these experiences on the multicultural, shared-leadership practice she brings to academic libraries. Drawing upon ...
  • An Ethnoburb in Oregon? Vietnamese Settlement in Suburban Portland 

    Walker, Kyle Edward (University of Oregon, 2005-06)
    Many immigrants in recent years have opted against settling in traditional urban ethnic enclaves and chosen instead to reside in suburban locales. Some of these immigrants have formed communities in the suburbs, a phenomenon ...
  • Fuji Athletics 

    Perez, Irving (2018)
    My mission is to bring the cultural identity to the forefront of performance innovation by redesigning Portland's Fuji Athletic Club's iconic baseball uniform to fit the 21st century. This project celebrates this ...
  • Mercury: Men's Active Commuter Pack 

    McGrath, Drew (2018)
  • Jam: Heritage Streetball Meets Modern Craft 

    Tollette, Garrett (2018)
    Streetball shoes, that are a reconnection to the purity of the game in its natural state.
  • Bien Dans Sa Peau 

    Winkler, Jacob (2018)
    Bien Dans Sa Peau is a sophisticated sportswear line for women aged 60+. It creates an aesthetic that would be equally comfortable on different ages & body types.
  • Divide: Urban Cycling Collection 

    Whitfield, Kodi (2018)
    Mission: Create a collection of apparel for urban cyclists that overthrows the divide. Expressive street style punctuated through function.
  • Frequency 

    Hill, Alex (2018-06-12)
    My objective is to develop a methodology to translate & incorporate biomechanical data & foot physiology into the creative process through algorithmic design to produce a new method for footwear design.
  • We Are the Face of Oaxaca 

    Stephen, Lynn; Martinez, Gabriela (University of Oregon Libraries, 2013)
    This website is designed to accompany We Are the Face of Oaxaca, a book designed with integral digital content. This website features 26 video testimonies of people who are interviewed for the book, hundreds of photographs, ...
  • Passive Heated Building Proposals 

    Speck, Craig; Rempel, Alexandra (University of Oregon, 2017)
    The City of Albany looked to University of Oregon architecture students to gather climate and microclimate information for Monteith Park and use it to quantify local heating needs and monthly net solar heating resources. ...
  • A Front Porch for Oregon Health and Science University and Marquam Hill 

    Jumila, Jonah; Muller, Brook (University of Oregon, 2018)
    During winter and spring terms 2018, graduate and undergraduate students in Professor Brook Muller’s terminal studio completed analytical research and urban design proposals for the Marquam Hill site. The urban design ...
  • Integrating Green Infrastructure and Urban Ecology in Regional Transit Corridors 

    Levis, Jordan; Elkin, David (University of Oregon, 2018)
    The following report documents design concepts that address stormwater management for the TriMet Southwest Corridor (SWC) light rail project. Students in the University of Oregon’s Landscape Architecture course on stormwater ...
  • Urban Design and Land Use Concepts for Downtown Tigard 

    Serritella, Michael; Ross, Austin; Smith, Tim (University of Oregon, 2018)
    This report describes a new vision for the city of Tigard; one that can realize the city’s goals in the downtown area and could conceivably chart a new path for growth centered around the possibility of light rail transit. ...
  • TriMet Southwest Barbur Boulevard Stormwater Capstone Project 

    Garstecki, Bernadel; McLaughlin, Patrick (University of Oregon, 2018)
    This project was designed by ALBA Consulting. ALBA Consulting is an academic exercise comprised of four members of an undergraduate capstone class in engineering at Portland State University during winter and spring ...
  • TriMet Transit App 

    Clark, Tim (University of Oregon, 2018)
    Students in Tim Clark’s Product Design Studio (BFA 486) were asked develop a multimodal urban transit app to serve users of TriMet’s public transit services. The purpose of a TriMet transit app is to provide users with ...
  • Why not take a scientific approach to teaching information literacy skills? 

    Buxton, Kristin; Oberlies, Mary K.; Zeidman-Karpinski, Annie (Library Instruction West 2018, 2018-07-20)
    This poster will give you a short background about the importance of active learning for helping all students, especially minorities, succeed in a classroom. We will consider how to apply COPIL and the TPI-ILI to our one-off ...
  • A Study of Incandescent Lights 

    Wold, P. I. (1902)
    This study was carried on chiefly to find in what manner the candle-power of an incandescent lamp varies with the voltage at the terminals of the lamp.

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