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  • Salgado, Kayley (2023-03-13)
    In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, literature in the Caribbean underwent a period of significant development. The word “Caribbean” encompasses such a vast cultural, locational, and linguistic span that it is difficult ...
  • James, Tate (University of Oregon, 2017)
    The Japanese animated television show (or “anime”), Puella Magi Madoka Magica, has garnered significant popularity. Anime fans and critics alike often hail the show as a progressive criticism of the magical girl genre. ...
  • Wehn, Lena (University of Oregon, 2023-09)
    2022 marked the 60th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death. Her name is once again making headlines. The notable uptick in recent media coverage surrounding Monroe underscores that her cultural significance extends far ...
  • McNulty, Robert Weybright (University of Oregon, 2013-05-14)
    Data on marine mammals, specifically information on their stock numbers, seasonal migrations, population structure, habitat use, and behaviors is limited. This study of island-associated resident pods of the long nosed ...
  • Singsank, Lauralei (University of Oregon, 2020-08)
    Sook Ching is a Chinese term meaning “purge through cleansing.” Operation Sook Ching took place in Singapore from February 21 to March 4, 1942. It was a military operation carried out by the Japanese with the intent of ...
  • Lancaster, Ruben (University of Oregon, 2020-08)
    Mating is vital for sexually reproducing species, yet the ideal mating strategy for males and females can differ. The ensuing conflict between the sexes – namely, sexual conflict – results in a decrease in population level ...
  • Tokos, Lauren (University of Oregon, 2023-09)
    The rise of the so-called “digital age” in the twenty-first century absorbs individuals’ livelihoods and disconnects them from the natural world. Over time, modern society has adapted to digital news and entertainment ...
  • Unknown author (University of Oregon, 2020-01)
    Editorial board for Volume 16 Issue 1 Winter 2020 of Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal
  • Unknown author (University of Oregon, 2021-01)
    Editorial board for Volume 18 Issue 1 Winter 2021 of Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal
  • Unknown author (University of Oregon, 2020-08)
    Editorial board for Volume 17 Issue 1 Spring 2020 of Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal
  • Taylor, Jay; Woods, Micah; Schmitt, Kyla; Beaudoin, Sarah (University of Oregon, 2022-05)
    Editorial board for Volume 20 Issue 1 Winter 2022 of Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal
  • Unknown author (University of Oregon, 2021-06)
    Editorial board for Volume 19 Issue 1 Spring 2021 of Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal
  • Beaudoin, Sarah; Wallace, Haley; Aghdaei, Alex; Furbish, Teagan; Mullen, Nicole (University of Oregon, 2022-11)
    Editorial board for Volume 20 Issue 2 Summer 2022 of Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal
  • Unknown author (2023-03-13)
  • Unknown author (University of Oregon, 2023-09)
    The editorial board for OURJ Vol. 21 No. 2 (2023).
  • Unknown author (University of Oregon, 2019)
  • Claveria, Marina (University of Oregon, 2014)
    This paper reads the poetry of Mina Loy alongside her Feminist Manifesto (1914) as an expression of personal politics that would come to the forefront of third-wave feminism. By looking at her more expressive works of ...
  • Grudzien, Ania (University of Oregon, 2020-08)
    Nobel Prize winner Czesław Miłosz is one of the most influential poets, prosiest, philosophers, and diplomats, his works spanning two centuries and multiple continents. Born in 1911, in what is now modern-day Lithuania, ...
  • Dong, Katherine (University of Oregon, 2022-11)
    Thiamine deficiency is a condition that affects millions of infants in South and Southeast Asia due to heavy cultural reliance on thiamine-poor, polished white rice as a dietary staple. Previous research suggests that a ...
  • Scott, Jessica; Lahtinen, Johnmichael; Engbeck, Erin; Berling, Terri; Ferra, Katie; Gregory, Alexander; Otto, Natalie; Pemstein, Garret; Tan, Wayland; Tinkham, Gail (University of Oregon, 2014)
    The 10-student Environmental Leadership Program team, Wetlands Wildlife, collected data on Delta Ponds, a 61-hectare waterway site owned by the City of Eugene bordering the Willamette River. We used two primary monitoring ...

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