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  • Griffin, Amy J. (University of Oregon School of Law, 2019-02-14)
    Authority is the foundation of legal analysis. Our legal system is based on the rule of law ideal, and law is well understood to be “an authority-soaked practice.” In contrast to many other fields, or everyday decision-making ...
  • Steinberg, Marc I.; Weissler, Logan J. (University of Oregon School of Law, 2019-02-14)
    Public disdain for lawyers is a time-honored tradition. Whether a consequence of not understanding the role of legal counsel, high legal fees, unscrupulous practices, or the perception that lawyers are “hired guns,” the ...
  • Bardol, Sarah (University of Oregon School of Law, 2019-02-14)
    There is a largely unaddressed problem in Oregon: Currently, there are more than 70,000 children in Oregon who have an incarcerated parent. Of these 70,000 children, approximately half are age ten and under. This Comment ...
  • Boyd, Marie (University of Oregon School of Law, 2019-02-14)
    Allergens in restaurant food cause many allergic reactions and deaths. Yet no federal, state, or local law adequately protects people from these harms. Although federal law requires the labeling of “major food allergens” ...
  • Crippen, Kelsie (University of Oregon School of Law, 2019-02-14)
    This Comment focuses primarily on one aspect of Miranda rights, namely, what happens if a suspect tries to invoke his right to counsel but fails to clearly articulate his desire to do so?

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