LIB 101 Introduction to Library Research Winter 2002

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Title: LIB 101 Introduction to Library Research Winter 2002
Author: Ward, Heather E; Michel, Stephanie
Abstract: Assignments and other materials from a 1-credit course on library research
Date: 2006-03-23

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assignment1.pdf 10.23Kb PDF View/Open Assignment #1 Research Strategies
assignment2.pdf 11.09Kb PDF View/Open Assignment #2 Finding Items from a Bibliography
assignment3.pdf 4.726Kb PDF View/Open Assignment #3 Searching the Library Catalog
assignment4.pdf 5.069Kb PDF View/Open Assignment #4 Finding Articles from General Article Indexes
assignment5.pdf 7.506Kb PDF View/Open Assignment #5 Finding Articles in Specialized Indexes
assignment6.pdf 8.499Kb PDF View/Open Assignment #6 Finding Book Reviews
assignment7.pdf 6.254Kb PDF View/Open Assignment #7 Finding Government Documents
assignment8.pdf 12.52Kb PDF View/Open Assignment #8 Finding Primary Sources
assignment9.pdf 6.948Kb PDF View/Open Assignment #9 Evaluating Resources
finalassignment.pdf 11.16Kb PDF View/Open Final Assignment Annotated Bibliography
readcallnumber.pdf 13.39Kb PDF View/Open How to Read a Call Number
Book Review In Class Assn.pdf 26.16Kb PDF View/Open In-Class Assignment Finding Book Reviews
Final Project Lib101 grade points blank.pdf 9.552Kb PDF View/Open Grading Sheet Final Assignment
Questions for last class.pdf 9.684Kb PDF View/Open Questions for Last Class Session
Syllabus LIB101.pdf 26.19Kb PDF View/Open Syllabus LIB 101

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