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  • Howell, Amanda; Tan, Huijun; Brown, Anne; Schlossberg, Marc; Karlin-Resnick, Josh; Lewis, Rebecca; Anderson, Marco; Larco, Nico; Tierney, Gerry; Carlton, Ian; Kim, James; Steckler, Becky (Urbanism Next, 2020-01)
    Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are a near future reality and the implications of AVs on city development and urban form, while potentially widespread and dramatic, are not well understood. In addition, there are other fundamentally ...
  • Steckler, Becky (Urbanism Next, 2019-10)
    This purpose of this report is to help the cities of Gresham, Oregon and Eugene, Oregon understand the potential impacts of new mobility technologies—with an emphasis on autonomous vehicles (AVs)—and prepare a policy ...
  • Howell, Amanda; Larco, Nico; Lewis, Rebecca; Steckler, Becky (University of Oregon, 2019-03)
    This report categorizes and summarizes efforts that are already underway in cities across the world to rethink curb management, to outline the key takeaways from the one-day workshop that involved city staff from Portland, ...
  • Fraade-Blanar, Laura; Larco, Nico; Best, Ryan; Swift, Tiffany; Blumenthal, Marjory S. (University of Oregon, 2021-02)
    The premise that autonomous vehicles will address older adults’ immobility is not a given. As argued in the Public Policy Institute’s publication Universal Mobility-as-a-Service, public- and private-sector actors need ...
  • Steckler, Becky; Coia, Juliette; Howell, Amanda; Kaplowitz, Grace; Stoll, Matthew; Yang, Huajie (University of Oregon, 2020-04)
    The purpose of this study is to go beyond cataloging pilot projects to determine the lessons learned, emerging trends and considerations, and examples of promising practices from pilot projects in the United States and ...
  • Howell, Amanda; Steckler, Becky; Larco, Nico; Knight Autonomous Vehicle Initiative (University of Oregon, 2022-08)
    The Knight Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Initiative is a multi-year collaborative effort between the Urbanism Next Center at the University of Oregon, Cityfi, the cities of Detroit, Pittsburgh, and San José, and Miami-Dade County ...
  • Steckler, Becky; Hess, Rachel; Larco, Nico (University of Oregon, 2022-08)
    This policy brief summarizes some of the key findings from a comprehensive literature review (submitted for publication) on the impact of shared mobility services and GHG emissions.
  • Larco, Nico; Howell, Amanda; Leavitt, Mason; Carlton, Ian; Kim, James (University of Oregon, 2023-02)
    An often-claimed benefit of autonomous vehicle (AV) deployment has been its reduction on parking demand and the potential impact this could have on development. If demand for parking is drastically reduced by the deployment ...
  • Larco, Nico (2022-02-02)
    Chair Norton, Ranking Member Davis, and Subcommittee Members, thank you for this opportunity to testify on the future of automated vehicles and the impacts they could have on communities throughout the country. My name ...

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